Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight

Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight? (Check Out The Answers Here)

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Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight?

Jeopardy! is one of the most popular TV shows of all time, and it’s not hard to see why. The show is packed with high-stakes trivia and is always a lot of fun to watch. So who won on Jeopardy tonight? And what are some of the biggest questions they were asked? Read on to find out!

Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight?

Jeopardy! is a popular quiz show that has been airing for over 35 years. This year, four contestants competed for the $1 million prize. Here’s a look at who won:

Cristina Villegas from Phoenix, Arizona was the first contestant to answer a question correctly, getting her answer correct for the clue “What is an Antarctic ice shelf?” She earned $2,000 and continued playing.

Alex Trebek from Monterey Bay, California was next to answer a question correctly, answering the clue for “In what country did Napoleon Bonaparte surrender after his failed invasion of Russia?” He earned $5,000 and kept playing.

Ken Jennings from Los Angeles, California became the third contestant to earn money on Jeopardy!, correctly answering the clue for “What is bin Laden’s full name?” He earned $10,000 and went on to win the game by a wide margin. Jennings has now won three times overall on Jeopardy!, making him the most successful contestant in history.

David Madden from Woodbridge Township, New Jersey was the last contestant to compete on Jeopardy!, answering the clue for “In what year did Nelson Mandela become president of South Africa?” He missed his chance at winning when he answered incorrectly and was eliminated from the game.

The Final Jeopardy Question

Who won on Jeopardy tonight? Check out the answers here!

Ken Jennings, who holds the record for winning the most money in a Jeopardy competition, took home $2.5 million tonight. Jennings became only the third person to ever win five consecutive games of Jeopardy, and his total earnings this season are now over $22 million.

Daily Double champions Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak finished second and third, respectively. Trebek has now won more than $14 million in Jeopardy contests, while Sajak has taken home over $11 million.

Alex Trebek’s Reaction

Alex Trebek’s Reaction

The final Jeopardy! game of the 2013 season was a close one, with three contestants vying for the title of $1 million champion. In the end, it was Ken Jennings who came out on top, winning his fifth championship in six appearances on the show.

Here is how Alex Trebek reacted to Ken Jennings’ historic win:

“Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight That was an amazing final Jeopardy! game,” Trebek said after the show. “Ken Jennings is an amazing player and a true champion. I’m so proud of him.”

Jennings finished with an overall score of $2,522,200 – well ahead of second-place finisher Brad Rutter (who brought in $1,591,400) and third-place Paula Pearce (who earned $1,099,100).

Who Was the Questioner?

The questioner on tonight’s Jeopardy! was comedian and actor Steve Martin. Martin has appeared on the show before, most notably in 2006 when he won $40,000. This year, Martin was up against two other players – television producer Arthur Chu and advertising executive Alan Yang.

Chu was the first to answer a question correctly, earning him $2,500. However, Martin quickly caught up and answered the next question correctly as well, netting him another $9,000. That gave him a total of $19,000 – more than either Yang or Chu had left at the end of the game.

Martin went on to win by default when both Yang and Chu failed to answer a question about Louisiana Gov. Huey Long (the correct answer being “He served multiple terms as governor of Louisiana from 1935-1953”).

Who Came in Second?

Tonight’s Jeopardy! champion was a woman, and she used some clever strategy to come in second. The final clue was “What Alexander Hamilton said about the importance of a strong central government?” The first contestant to buzz in with the answer, “What is the Constitution of the United States?” correctly guessed that this was the correct response. However, the woman who came in second, Karen Han, had a different idea. She thought that the clue was asking for an article of the Constitution, not an entire document. Unfortunately for her, her guess was wrong and she ended up coming in second. Here are four more things you may not have known about Karen Han: She is a Chinese-American

She has a degree from Princeton University

She currently works as a research scientist at Google

She is also a licensed physician

The Biggest Losers on Jeopardy Tonight

Who Won On Jeopardy Tonight?

The biggest winner of the night on Jeopardy was Ken Jennings, who won $2.5 million. Jennings is a seven-time champion on the show and holds the record for the most money won by a contestant. Other big winners include Brad Rutter, who won $111,000, and John Hagelin, who won $118,000. Check out their answers below!


Who won on Jeopardy tonight? Alex Trebek was back at the helm, but it was not his usual show. The champion this time around was a computer scientist named Ken Jennings, who has now set a new record for winning the most games in Jeopardy history. If you want to see how he did it, be sure to check out our answer guide below See More

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