Why are Freestanding StoneWashbasins So Unique and Impressive?

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What Makes Freestanding Stone Washbasins So Distinctive and Remarkable?

We looked at free-standing Lux4home™ stone sinks, which are definitely not the same as those
produced by other companies. These stone sinks always represent the highest quality and
standard. Placing two sinks next to each other (one from this manufacturer, the other from
someone else) allows you to see the differences with the naked eye, even for someone with no
experience. This is simply visible to the naked eye, says a person who imports such products
from several manufacturers, but in the end, the customer decides anyway.

How To Check The Uniqueness Of Natural Stone Sinks?

An important factor to consider when determining the quality of stone sinks is their price. Yes,
the price. A low price may indicate that the product is not made of real stone. This applies to
stone washbasins and stone bathtubs. Many “manufacturers” use stone substitutes or apply
artificial coatings on the stone. Instead of a natural raw material, such a product can be formed,
for example, from a mixture of concrete, plaster, and dye to make the material look authentic.
Needless to say, the durability of such a product is drastically reduced, says an importer who
has seen more than one thing.
Another way to spot a fake sink is to simply touch it. The sound produced by natural stone is
different from the sound produced by imitation stone. Concrete sink molds (also known as
Terazzo) that imitate natural stone sinks are indeed popular. However, they do not offer the
same properties as those made of solid stone. The last thing you can assess yourself is whether
your body feels a stone or something plastic after touching the bathtub or washbasin. If
something artificial – then we know that the sink or bathtub has been covered with varnish, not
polished, which is a long process, but painted. This won’t work for a long period of time.

Lux4home™’s Commitment to Quality

Lux4home™ only produces washbasins made exclusively of natural stone, including marble (several color variants), onyx, andesite, and river stone. That’s why you sometimes have to wait up to 2 months for a custom-made stone bathtub. Here you can easily verify the quality of the stone. For example, Onyx washbasins can be illuminated independently by using any light source such as halogen or LED strip. If the washbasin allows light to pass through completely, it means that it is a natural stone and not an adhesive. The added value is that these washbasins are produced in many sizes, shapes, and types of stone, which can also be personalized. The customer decides whether the custom-made washbasin is to be reserved only for him or for his company so that no other person can purchase the same model.

Handcrafted Excellence

Lux4home™ washbasins and bathtubs are handcrafted, with each stone meticulously selected
to ensure uniformity in height and quality. This attention to detail ensures that every piece is of
the highest standard. This meticulous process includes hand-sorting every stone, ensuring each
one meets the company’s stringent quality requirements. The result is a product that stands out
in any setting, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Extensive Applications


The scope of use of such washbasins goes far beyond the ordinary home bathroom – they can be used in SPAs, hotels, drinking water fountains, and many other places. Stone bathtubs are used both indoors and outdoors, providing perfect cooling on hot summer evenings when the bathtub is installed on the terrace or in the garden. Furthermore, Lux4home™ products are highly sought after by interior designers, architects, and retail customers, establishing the company as a leader in the stone sink market.

Unique Offerings

Here, as we learn, the interesting thing is that they were the only ones to produce probably the
largest natural stone bathtub in the world, which was as much as 350 cm long. This feat
underscores the capabilities and expertise of Lux4home™ in crafting exceptional stone
products. Their catalogues showcase these fantastic cooperations, highlighting the unique and
unparalleled quality that no other supplier from Indonesia can match.
In conclusion, the handmade stone washbasins and bathtubs from Lux4home™ represent the
pinnacle of quality and design. Each product is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship,
making them a preferred choice for luxury settings worldwide. Whether for a serene spa, a
lavish hotel, or a private residence, Lux4home™ stone products bring a touch of natural
elegance and unmatched durability.

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