Flutterwave Scandal

Flutterwave Scandal: Best Review & Complete Guide

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What is Flutterwave ?

Flutterwave is an important part of the African fintech scene. Its goal is to help businesses and banks grow by providing digital payment options.

How Flutterwave Came to Be ?

Before you can understand how important the Flutterwave Scandal incident is, you need to look at how the company became famous. Flutterwave was started by Nigerian businesspeople in 2016 and quickly became a top payments technology company, providing new ways to make international transactions easy.

Focusing on scalability, reliability, and user experience, Flutterwave got a lot of funding and praise for its part in bringing more people into the financial system and giving them more economic power in Africa.

Flutterwave Scandal

What People Say About Flutterwave Scandal?

The Flutterwave issue came to light when reports said that the company was acting in an improper and unethical way. At first, there weren’t many details available, but rumours and speculation grew about what the accusations were and how big they were.

Financial wrongdoing, fraud, breaches of trust, and ethical lapses were among the charges against Flutterwave. This cast a shadow over the company’s image and made people question how it runs its business.

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What happened Because of the Flutterwave Scandal ?

Once the scandal was over, Flutterwave was closely watched by authorities, investors, and the public at large. The stock price of the company dropped sharply, wiping out billions of dollars in market value and making investors very nervous.

Customers and partners also had doubts about the reliability and safety of Flutterwave’s platform, which made them lose faith in the company’s ability to keep their financial information safe.

Getting Through the Crisis of Flutterwave Scandal

As public outrage and pressure mounted, Flutterwave launched a damage control effort to try to contain the effects of the scandal and restore trust in its brand. In public comments, the company denied the claims and promised to fully assist regulatory authorities with their investigations.

Flutterwave also made changes and added oversight systems to fix the problems that the scandal brought to light, showing a dedication to honesty, responsibility, and doing the right thing.

The More General Consequences

The Flutterwave scandal has big effects on the fintech industry as a whole. It shows the difficulties and risks that come with digital payment systems growing so quickly. Now, regulators and lawmakers want more oversight and rules to stop scandals like this from happening again.

At the same time, investors and customers are questioning how much they trust fintech companies and how committed they are to doing business in an honest way.

What is the Scandal with Flutterwave?

In the Flutterwave scandal, the co-founder and CEO of the company, Olubenga Agboola, is accused of wrongdoing and inappropriate behaviour towards female workers.

There have been reports of sexual harassment, bullying, and intimidation at work from both current and former workers.

The claims that the CEO of Flutterwave, Olugbenga Agboola, had inappropriate behaviour towards female workers were brought to light.

This led to a wider investigation into how the company worked and raised major concerns about how the fintech was run as a business.

The incident had big effects, like causing the company’s stock to drop.

Price and partners and clients losing trust in you.

Effects of the Flutterwave Scandal

Several important things happened because of the Flutterwave scandal:

Costs and Effects on Finances

The shares of Flutterwave lost a lot of value. This meant that people who put money into the business lost some of it.

Damage to Reputation

A bad name for Flutterwave was hurt by the affair. That made it harder for them to do business and keep their clients.

These affects make it clear how important it is for businesses to be honest and treat everyone equally. People in the fintech business should remember from the Flutterwave scandal how important it is to keep trust and morals high.

Customers and investors no longer trusted Flutterwave as much as they did before.
People began to wonder if the company was honest and if their money and private information were safe.

What was Done to the CEO of Flutterwave ?

In answer to the accusations, the following steps were taken against Olugbenga Agboola, CEO of Flutterwave:

Denial of Allegations: Flutterwave and Agboola both rejected the claims of wrongdoing with money, bullying, and poor management.

Suspension: In September 2022, Agboola’s job as CEO at Flutterwave was put on hold while the company’s board of directors looked into the claims made by JET.

Because of the scandal, Flutterwave had to deal with a number of court issues:

  • Investigations by the government: The Central Bank of Nigeria and the Economic and the Financial Crimes Commission started looking into Flutterwave on charges of fraud, theft, and moving money.
  • Problems with the law: Flutterwave has had problems with the law, such as lawsuits from people and investigations by financial regulatory bodies. The company was in a big court battle in Kenya because it was accused of laundering money.
  • Possible Punishments: If Flutterwave is found to have done something wrong, they could face big problems like big fines and court trouble. The decision in the case could also have an effect on the fintech industry’s regulatory systems and compliance standards.

These legal problems show how bad the effects of corporate scandals can be and how important it is to run a business in an honest way.

Major Administrator Mistakes

Former workers at the more than $3 billion startup say they were bullied, mismanaged, and made major administrative mistakes.

On April 4, Clara Wanjiku Odero, who now lives in Nairobi and used to work as an executive at Flutterwavei, a Nigerian fintech unicorn, published a very controversial piece on Medium. Odero, who was the company’s head of implementation until 2018 and was in charge of its expansion into East Africa, said that the current CEO, Olugbenga “GB” Agboola, had harassed and sexist behaviour towards her. She also said that she had to fight to get paid after leaving the company and that the Kenyan police were investigating her because of the company’s “negligence.”

Odero told Rest of World, “I really just wanted it [the Medium post] out there so nobody could try to scare me.” Odero is now CEO and founder of Credrails, an open-banking company backed by Softbank.

Rest of World has talked to 12 former employees of Flutterwave in the last four weeks. They all agreed with Odero’s claims that the company had problems that kept happening.

The company is worth more than $3 billion and has famous investors like Tiger Global, Y Combinator, Avenir Growth Capital, Visa, and Worldpay from FIS. People who used to work there mostly asked to remain anonymous so they could talk freely without worrying about being punished.

They said that the company allowed senior executives to act without consequences and that this led to bullying and inappropriate relationships between managers and staff.

They also said that the company didn’t pay employees enough for their stock options when they left, and that simple administrative mistakes were made with company paperwork, which put former employees in serious legal trouble. Some of the claims were first made by David Hundeyin, a local investigative reporter, on April 12.

In an email to Rest of World, a Flutterwave representative said, “Many of the claims that have been recently made are false, recycled, or have already been met.” The company spokesperson also said that they don’t talk about employee issues, but they do have “robust HR policies and procedures” that are meant to make the workplace safe and respectful for everyone. These rules are always being looked over, and we act when it’s necessary.

People who work in the industry told Rest of World that the shocking claims at Flutterwave are likely to spread to other startups in Nigeria. This business is a great example of how well the country’s fintech industry is doing. Also, Agboola, the CEO, is a big name in African tech investing, with shares in more than 25 startups.

As many as a few anonymous venture investors in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem said that the accusations could have big effects, especially on the Silicon Valley venture capital community that has been a big part of Nigeria’s investment growth over the last five years.

Five people started Flutterwave in 2016. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji was the first CEO, Agboola was the CTO, and Adeleke Adekoya was the top compliance officer. The team had the experience they needed to get serious investors.

Aboyeji had co-founded the site for coding jobs and training called Andela, and Agboola had worked at two big banks on the tech and payments teams. Early on, companies like Mastercard and New York-based CRE Venture Capital gave them money.

After a few rounds of funding, Flutterwave was worth $1 billion, making it a “unicorn.” There are now 34 African countries where the company does business, and big names like Uber, Microsoft, and Wise use its services. A platform like Shopify called Flutterwave Store lets small business owners sell online.

It was released during the pandemic and has since signed up 30,000 shops. After a series D funding round in February, Flutterwave was worth more than $3 billion, making it the most valuable startup in Africa.

People who used to work at Flutterwave told Rest of World that when the company first started up, the management went on a charm drive to hire people. But they also hired people from within their own groups. For example, Agboola’s brother-in-law, Ifeoluwa Orioke, joined as CFO in 2018.

Based on what people who worked at Flutterwave during that time said, things seemed to go badly at work around that time. Rest of World heard from seven former workers who said Orioke was rude to staff.

As many as four former employees have said, he and other top executives felt free to act however they pleased and have sexual relationships with lower-level employees, even teammates.

Two people who knew about the situation say that Orioke was accused of making unwanted sexual moves towards at least one female employee. Three former employees say that he had relationships with at least two other women, one of whom worked for him. “His cheating on his wife was well known,” said a former developer boss at Flutterwave.

Three former coworkers say that Orioke often lost his cool and yelled at his coworkers. Sources told Rest of World that people told the CEO about Orioke’s behaviour, but it looked like nothing was really done.


The Flutterwave scandal should teach the fintech industry a lesson about how important it is to be honest, open, and responsible if you want to be successful and last for a long time. There has been a lot of damage done by the incident, but Flutterwave can learn from its mistakes, improve its corporate governance, and win back the trust of its stakeholders.

As the company deals with the fallout from the scandal, it needs to stay alert and take action to fix the problems that caused the crisis. This will help it come out of it stronger, more resilient, and more moral than before.

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