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Why This Warrior High School 32 from the ’90s Needs to Make a Comeback

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Are you tired of the same old high school dramas filled with cliche storylines and predictable characters? Well, get ready to step back in time because we are about to revisit one of the most iconic high schools from the ’90s – Warrior High School 32. With its fearless students, rebellious spirit, and a never-ending battle against injustice, this school was an inspiration for generations. Join us as we explore why Warrior High School 32 needs to make a comeback in today’s world and how it can reignite our passion for education like never before!

What is Warrior High School?

Warrior High School was an all-boys public high school located in the Bronx, New York. The school was founded in 1922 and closed in June 2011. Warrior High School was known for its rigorous academics, competitive sports teams, and strict discipline. The school produced many successful alumni, including Olympians, NFL players, and Grammy Award winners. Despite its successes, Warrior High School was plagued by financial problems and declining enrollment in its final years. In June 2011, the New York City Department of Education voted to close the school.

What made Warrior High School so special?

Warrior High School was a special place for many reasons. First and foremost, it was a public high school that served the community of Flint, Michigan. It was also one of the few high schools in the state that had an integrated student body.

The school was known for its strong academic program and its commitment to preparing students for college. It also had a vibrant extracurricular life, with sports teams, clubs, and other activities available to students.

Finally, Warrior High School was special because it was a place where students from all backgrounds could come together and learn from each other. The school was truly a melting pot, and its students were better for it.

The decline of Warrior High School

Once a high school for promising young warrior students, Warrior High School has seen better days. The once great institution has fallen on hard times, and its future is uncertain.

Warrior High School was founded in the late 19th century to train young warriors for battle. For generations, the school produced some of the most skilled and fearsome warriors in the world. However, as the world changed and wars became less common, the school’s purpose changed.

In recent years, Warrior High School has been in decline. Its enrollment has dropped sharply, and its facilities are in disrepair. The school is no longer the premier destination for aspiring warriors.

There are many factors that have contributed to Warrior High School’s decline. The changing nature of warfare is one reason why the school has struggled. With fewer traditional wars being fought, there is less need for trained warriors. Additionally, the cost.

Why a Warrior High School comeback would be beneficial

There are many reasons why a Warrior High School comeback would be beneficial. First, the school was originally designed to meet the needs of at-risk students. These students often need small class sizes and individualized attention in order to succeed. Second, the school provides an alternative to the traditional high school experience. This can be appealing to students who are looking for a different educational path. Third, the school has a strong sense of community. This is evident in the way that alumni have kept in touch with each other and continue to support the school. Finally, the school offers a unique curriculum that helps students prepare for success in college and beyond.

How to make a Warrior High School comeback happen

In the early 2000s, Warrior High School was one of the top high schools in the country. Located in a small town in upstate New York, Warrior had a competitive academic program and a thriving athletics program. But in 2006, the school was forced to close its doors due to financial difficulties.

Now, almost 10 years later, a group of alumni are working to bring Warrior High School back. They’ve started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new building, and they’re working with the local community to get support for their cause.

If you’re an alumni of Warrior High School or if you’re just passionate about giving kids a good education, there are several ways you can help make this comeback happen. Here are some ideas:

  • Donate to the GoFundMe page: Every little bit helps, and every dollar raised will go towards creating a new home for Warrior High School.
  • Spread the word: Help spread the word about the effort to bring Warrior High School back. Share the GoFundMe page on social media, talk to your friends and family about it, and write letters to your local news outlets letting them know that you support the cause.
  • Get involved locally: If you live near where Warrior High School used to be located, get involved in the effort to help with fundraising or promoting the school. There may be opportunities to help with things like setting up information booths.


Warrior High School 32 from the ’90s was an amazing show that left a lasting impression on many people who watched it. With its unique blend of comedy and drama, it is no surprise why this series still has so many die-hard fans even today. The show’s creative team made sure to create something special with this series, and its impact will be remembered for years to come. We just hope that one day, we can get to see the gang back together again in some form, whether it’s a reunion movie or another season of Warrior High School 32!

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