7 Ways to Display Your Medallions

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Earning medals is a moment that is filled with pride, achievement, and glory. Showing off your medallions in a medal display is the best route to take if you want to show everyone your achievements elegantly and respectfully. Simply hanging them on the wall will not have the right effect when displaying your medallion collection for your guests and family.

Cases are a viable option for the 16.5 million military veterans in the U.S., but you must ensure that your medallion displays are built to protect your medals from moisture, dust, and other harmful factors. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to showing off your medallion collection in the most elegant way possible.

Keep reading to learn about seven helpful ways to show off your medallions today!

1. Display Shelf

A display shelf is a great way to create an area in your home dedicated to showing off your medal collection. Shelves with hooks are well-suited to the task of displaying medals since you can hang the ribbons from the hooks. The shelf offers a place to stash your trophies and medals that can’t hang from the hooks for a complete look.

You can even use an existing shelf in your home to act as a medal display. Find a large shelf in your home made from a heavy wood plank. It will easily stand up to the rigors of displaying your entire medallion collection.

2. Wall Hanging

A wall hanging is another effective option for displaying medals in your home or office. You can use a piece of sporting equipment that is important to you as the main piece of the display. A baseball bat or hockey stick is perfect for displaying medals and ribbons since they’re long and stable objects.

It’s easy to drive nails or screws into the wood of these objects. From there, hang the ribbons on the nails to build a monument to your heroic achievements. Golf clubs and tennis rackets are also great options since you can tie ribbons to the ends of them and count on the stability they afford.

Consider sliding the ribbons evenly over the sports equipment to create a fantastic display that will light up the room. It’s a beautiful way to blend the things you love and the things you’ve achieved into one object. Make sure you have room for all of your custom medallions.

3. A Glass Jar

Glass jars allow your creative juices to flow when you’re looking for fun ways to build a medal display. Hanging your medallion displays isn’t the right fit for everyone, and glass jars offer an elegant way to show off your achievements without hanging them on the wall.

The glass jar is versatile, and you can find the perfect spot in your home to hang it up or place it for the desired effect. You’ll love the convenience of storing your favorite medallions in a glass jar. Best of all, the jar will keep your medallions safe from the elements and dust in your home.

4. Military Coin Display Case

A military coin display case is another effective way to show off the medallions you’ve earned as part of your time in the service. You can show off your custom challenge coins and other types of medallions in the case to commemorate the time you spent making a difference in the world and fighting for freedom.

Most military coin display cases have shelves that you can use as a medal display. You can tuck the ribbons behind your medals for a classy and elegant look. It’s also possible to remove the ribbons for the purpose of displaying the medals in a seamless way.

A coin display case is wonderful because it provides a greater degree of protection than other medallion displays. Most coin display cases have a glass cover in the front that protects your medallion collection from debris, dust, and moisture. Your medals will look pristine for years to come when you use a military coin display case.

5. DIY Frame

Creating your own frame is another viable option if you’re handy with arts and crafts. You’ll want to pick out a frame that calls to you and pair it with a fabric back that makes pinning or hanging your medallions a breeze. A hot glue gun is a great tool to have when attaching the fabric back to the frame of your choice.

Use a wooden frame and a wood stain of your choice if you want to create a stunning display for your medallion collection. Next, apply glue to the backs of your medals to attach them to the fabric back of the frame.

6. Use a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a great choice if you have a plethora of military coins and metals that you want to show off to friends and family members. You can hang all of your medallions by the ribbon in a shadow box to show off all of their glory. Avoid using staples or glue with a shadow box if you want the medal display to withstand time.

7. DIY Medal Hanger

A DIY medal hanger is another fun project you can take on if you want to show off your medallion collection. A baby crib railing is a perfect resource to use if you need something to hang your medallion displays on. Paint the railing the color of your choice in order to start displaying medals you’ve earned with pride.

Start Showing Off Your Medallions Today

Earning medallions is something you should take pride in, but you need to know the most effective ways to show off all types of medallions without putting them in harm’s way. A shadow box is a great option if you’re showing off military medals, while a DIY frame allows you to build something that acts as a customized medal display. Glass jars will also do the trick while protecting your medallion collection.

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