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Top 10 Cosmetics Raw Materials Suppliers in the UK

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Everyone wants to treat their skin with love and care and for that, we must use organic products and be as gentle as possible. Hardly any other industry has such a strong influence on our daily routine and well-being than the cosmetic industry. The key lies in finding the right manufacturer to meet your business’s ideas, goals, and visions. They will supply you with high-quality products so won’t have to hustle. They will help you bring your cosmetic creations to life.

List Of Cosmetics Raw Materials Suppliers

  1. Vedaoils 

When we think about one of the best cosmetic raw material suppliers in the United Kingdom, vedaoils comes to mind. Because of their top-of-the-shelf quality, though they are an Indian manufacturer but supply all over the world. They have been working in the cosmetic industry since their inception in 2018. They have all the certifications either national or international to meet the quality standards and practices. The R&D team continuously works on upgrading the product line with new products. Their raw material ranges from hair care, skin care, lip care to baby care. Vedaoils offers services like private label and bulk orders to match your requirements. 

  1. Terchemicals

Terchemicals is a German manufacturer and has been in the industry for over 100 years. Their catalog doesn’t only involve cosmetics but they also manufacture plastic, adhesive, rubber, construction, coating, home care, lubricant, health care, and pet care among many more. Their R&D team creates custom solutions to the problems of the clients globally. They provide organic and inorganic cosmetics raw materials.

  1. Rahn Group

Rahn group was founded in 1940 and they are based out of Switzerland. Though they are active cosmetics raw material suppliers in 55 countries. They also have subsidiaries in Germany, England, the USA, France, the Netherlands, and Shangai. They provide energy-curing and cosmetic manufacturing services. They are highly conscious of the planet as they source their raw materials from ethical harvesters and practice eco-friendly sourcing.  

  1. Alfa Chemicals

Alfa Chemicals is a UK and Ireland-based manufacturer, that has been in the cosmetic industry for nearly 48 years. Their vast knowledge of cosmetic and personal care helps the R&D team so you don’t have to worry about how to get a perfect base or tint of a product. The raw materials they provide are of high quality and the technical devices and facilities they have is the state of the art, providing the best to their clients. 

  1. HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie is a major supplier of raw materials in the Central and Eastern Europe. Their five focus groups are personal & home care, plastic & rubber, industrial performance, coatings, adhesives, & building, and food, feed & pharma. They cover the segments and needs of a manufacturer and supply the best products.

  1. Mystic Moments

It is a family-owned business in the UK. They take pride in their minute details which leads them to perfection. Mystic Moments provides cosmetic raw materials in various sizes from 10ml to 25 kilos of bottles which makes them suitable for personal use as well as small-scale manufacturing. They highly believe in the five principles of high quality, competitive price, speed delivery, responsive customer service, and wherever support is required for the enhanced customer experience. 

  1. New Directions

New Directions is a wholesale cosmetic raw material manufacturer that also caters to the needs of individual shoppers creating a vast portfolio of clients. They have been in the business for more than 18 years, providing their clients 100% pure essential oils, wellbeing, organic oils, ayurvedic, raw materials, and packaging globally.

  1. Aromantic

Provides organic skincare solutions to individuals, beauty therapists, and businesses. They use ethically sourced produce for the manufacturing of the raw materials and their products. Their catalog has more than 700 ingredients to make your desired blend of skin care.

  1. Naturally Balmy

The founder of Naturally Balmy started this company when she was not able to find the perfect cosmetic brand that could cater to all of her needs in a single product. She only wanted to use 100% organic materials to provide all the benefits of the products. Now she has a catalog ranging from essential oils to cosmetic raw materials. Providing everyone with the goodness of nature.

  1. Lehvoss

Lehvoss has been manufacturing cosmetic raw materials for nearly 125 years. Their portfolio doesn’t stop at cosmetic raw materials as they manufacture plastics, paints & coating, lubricants, rubber, nutrition, and personal care.


That concludes our article on finding the top 10 cosmetics raw material suppliers in the UK. This diverse section caters to the needs of organic one-stop solutions to private labeling. Whether you prioritise aroma therapy, sustainability, or require an R&D team. There is a perfect supplier waiting to be your partner. Each supplier is unique in their way, so make sure to choose the ones that fit all your needs.

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