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Top 10 Most Popular Pets in UK 

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Are you curious about the most popular pets in the UK? From furry felines to loyal canines and everything in between, the British have a soft spot for their animal companions. Whether you’re a pet lover or simply interested in learning more about our furry friends across the pond, this article will take you on a journey through the top 10 most beloved pets in the UK. Get ready to discover which creatures make British hearts melt and why these animals hold such a special place in their owners’ lives.

The ownership of pets in the UK has experienced a 5% surge within the last three years. Presently, approximately 45% of individuals possess pets ranging from common companions like cats and dogs to more peculiar creatures such as lizards, turtles, and snakes. To commemorate National Pet Month, we disclose the ten most favored pets in Britain.

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10. Snakes

Snakes have become a beloved pet choice for a significant portion of the UK population, with around 0.4 of its residents owning these fascinating creatures. Beginners often opt for corn snakes or king & milk snakes, while experienced snake keepers tend to provide a loving home for royal pythons and garter snakes.

9. Domestic fowl

Recent research in the UK has revealed that over 500,000 chickens are now being kept as beloved companions, indicating a growing trend in the popularity of these feathered creatures. According to Jane Howorth MBE, the founder of the British Hen Welfare Trust, it comes as no surprise that chickens are climbing up the ladder to become one of the most favored pets in the country. At our charity, we have firsthand experience witnessing the incredible qualities of ex-commercial hens as pets. They possess distinct personalities and endearing qualities that simply enhance our lives. Moreover, let’s not forget their unique ability to provide us with fresh eggs for breakfast!

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Pets in UK: 8. Lizards

In the UK, when people decide to have reptiles as pets, lizards often take precedence. They lack the natural fear that snakes tend to evoke in some people and they possess qualities that make them excellent animals for display purposes. Among the commonly kept lizard species as pets in the UK are bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and blue-tongued skinks.

7. Tortoises and turtles

Pets in UK: Having tortoises and turtles as pets in the UK can be an enthralling and entertaining experience, yet it necessitates responsible ownership as they can be demanding to keep. Providing suitable housing is crucial since these creatures have long lifespans.

6. Hamsters

According to research, one individual in the UK possesses a hamster as a pet. There are a total of 24 distinct hamster species, with the Syrian, Russian dwarf Campbell, and Roborovski being among the most favored choices.

5. Guinea pigs

Pets in UK: Families in the UK have a special fondness for guinea pigs as pets, making them incredibly popular. Ensuring their well-being is a long-term responsibility since they typically live for about four to eight years. Regardless of whether they are housed indoors or outdoors, guinea pigs flourish when surrounded by same-sex groups or paired with another furry friend.

4. Indoor birds

In the United Kingdom, pets come in various forms, including birds. These feathered companions, from petite budgies to colossal parrots, offer entertainment and add vibrancy to our lives. Nevertheless, it is crucial to handle them delicately due to their fragile nature. Additionally, some parrot species can live for over six decades or even longer; thus owning a bird requires a long-term commitment.

3. Rabbits

5 million rabbits being lovingly cared for by their owners across the country. These fascinating creatures showcase exceptional intelligence and an insatiable curiosity about their surroundings while exhibiting a wide range of breeds, shapes, and sizes to captivate any animal enthusiast’s interest.

Pets in UK: Moreover, each rabbit boasts its own unique personality traits that set them apart from one another within their diverse community. On average, these delightful companions enjoy a relatively lengthy lifespan spanning from 8 to 12 years under optimal conditions provided by their devoted owners within this charming nation

2. Cats

Within the borders of the United Kingdom reside an astounding number of approximately 8 million domesticated felines, each serving as a beloved companion to no less than 5 million households. Furthermore, it is intriguing to note that among these cat-owning abodes, a significant proportion – precisely 40% – have chosen to embrace the joy and delight that comes from sharing their lives with multiple purring creatures.

Pets in UK: Amongst the plethora of shapes and sizes in which these enchanting beings manifest themselves, it is worth mentioning that British shorthairs, Bengals, and Siamese cats have garnered remarkable popularity among pet enthusiasts throughout the nation.


It is not surprising that dogs are the most popular pets in the UK. A staggering 26% of the population owns a dog, making a total of approximately 9 million dogs residing in the country. In addition to numerous mixed breeds, Labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels, and German shepherds are the most prevalent purebred dogs in the UK.

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