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How to Create a Workout Plan for Killer Muscle Gains

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More than 40% of people from a US survey said they’ve given up hope when it comes to getting in better shape. 

Losing weight is a challenge for most. Losing weight while gaining muscle, however, can be an entirely different problem. Gaining muscle takes time and dedication, if you go off task, you could hurt yourself or delay results. 

The best place to start is with your workout routine. Make sure yours isn’t setting you back. Read below to discover how you can create a workout plan that won’t disappoint you! 

Dedicate Your Days 

One of the most critical parts of creating a workout plan is to dedicate your days. 

Whether you try to do it all in one gym session, or lack consistency, it will impact your gains. Dedicating specific days to a certain body part can help you gain muscle without plateauing. The more consistent you become with your workout routine, the faster you will see positive results.

It helps to do your back and chest on the same day. Another gym session should consist of your core and legs. Make sure you also work your arms, back, and hamstring muscles. 

Work Multiple Muscles at Once

The best workout routines for muscle gain require you to work more than one muscle group at a time. 

Playing a game of basketball or soccer can help you work a lot of muscles at once. Sports are fun ways to enjoy your time working out and you often don’t realize all the muscle groups you use. Instead of walking on the treadmill, go outside for a hike and let your muscles thrive on different terrain. 

Other ways you can work with different muscle groups is by doing deadlifts or compound exercises. 

Prioritize Your Hydration

Water is the key ingredient that bodybuilders use to gain muscle. 

Working out decreases water in the body through perspiration. When you sweat, the previous day’s water and nutrients are released through your pores and waste. You need to drink additional water to keep up with your workout routines. 

The recommended amount of water bodybuilders should consume is at least 120 ounces. Your organs and muscles will work more efficiently once you get hydrated. This helps you put your energy toward repairing muscle tissues. 

Get Essential Nutrients

If you aren’t getting proper nutrients, your muscles won’t have the ability to grow.

Your muscles require amino acids, protein, and other vitamins to increase. Without magnesium, Vitamin D, and calcium, your body can’t grow muscle. Many of these nutrients work when they are taken with other vitamins and water. 

Some people take multivitamins to help their bodies perform at their best. This guide to Dianabol will help you learn more about ways to get your nutrients. Aside from taking vitamins and drinking supplements, you can get your nutrients through foods.  

Take Sleep Seriously

Staying up all night to make the most of your time outside of work may seem worth it, but it doesn’t help your muscles. 

Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. If you get less sleep, your body can’t synthesize proteins. Getting up extra early for an additional gym session could be doing your muscles more harm than good. 

A lack of sleep will reduce proteins that help with bulking up. When you take your sleep seriously, you’ll wake up feeling more rested and your body can repair itself. Many people notice an increase in energy when they get a full night’s sleep, this will help you at the gym. 

Document Your Journey 

Unless you have an impeccable memory, you should document your workout journey in a notebook.

Workout apps and notebooks can help you record your efforts. After reviewing all your efforts, you can find what routines are the most effective. Documentation is key for serious bodybuilders.

Looking at your efforts can also motivate you during tough times. Use your journal to 

Increase Heavy Lifting 

Going for a run or working the gym machines won’t increase much of your muscle mass. 

Increasing your sets for heavy lifting can help you tear muscles and repair them stronger. Make sure you rest long enough between sets so your muscles get the chance to catch up. If you jump into your next set too early, you could increase your risk of injury or shorten your workout routine. 

Although it’s safe to lift every day, you should get in the habit of lifting every other day. Instead of maxing out on your weights, gradually increase them and move slowly so that all your muscle groups are challenged. 

Be Realistic & Kind to Yourself 

The only way you can successfully build muscle is by giving yourself time and kindness.

When you focus on the results that you’re not getting, you could discourage yourself and lose track of your goals. Make sure you set realistic goals and don’t overwhelm yourself, otherwise, you could get burnt out. 

Being kind to yourself will keep you motivated throughout the entire workout journey. Building muscle can be done, but if you don’t stick with your plan, your results will quickly be lost. 

Make the Most of Your Workout Plan 

You can develop an effective workout plan without having to spend every minute at the gym. 

Just because you hit the gym many times a week doesn’t mean you’ll get the results you want. If you aren’t resting your body, brain, and organs, your muscles can’t repair themselves. Improving your health and well-being will give you the best shot at bulking up. 

If you want to learn more about lifting weights and improving your physique, read our blog for the latest content! 

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