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10 Best Apps to Reduce Photo Size on Windows

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Are you constantly running out of storage space on your Windows device due to high-resolution photos? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 apps designed specifically for reducing photo size on Windows. With these incredible tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to optimize and compress your images without sacrificing their visual appeal. So if you’re tired of deleting precious memories or constantly battling against limited storage capacity, keep reading – we have the perfect solution for managing your photo library efficiently!

Apps to Reduce Photo Size: The process of resizing images plays a crucial role in editing. When working with high-resolution photos, it is always necessary to resize them for various reasons. Reducing the size of pictures allows us to optimize our websites by improving page loading speed (which is favored by Google), adjust images to meet social media or email attachment requirements, and conserve valuable disk space. As an essential component of post-processing, the resize tool is a standard feature in image editors. In this article, we have curated a selection of 10 PC applications that enable users to effortlessly alter photo dimensions.

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Rather than rushing into a third-party application, take advantage of what Microsoft has already built if you’re a Windows user – specifically, consider using their Photos app. While it may not offer all of the advanced features found in other options, it still provides an easy way to accomplish your task. To resize an image on Windows without relying on additional software, start by opening the picture in the Photos app. Look towards the top right corner of the menu for a button labeled More Options – click on that.

From there, select Resize and a new window will appear presenting you with four resizing alternatives: Best for profile pictures and thumbnails at 0.25 MP, Best for emails and messages at 2 MP, Best for viewing at 4 MP, as well as a customizable option where you can define your own dimensions for width and height. It’s worth noting that this native app does have limitations – unfortunately, it doesn’t support batch resizing of multiple images, which can often be a time-saving necessity.


PhotoMarks is a user-friendly app for Windows that simplifies the process of resizing multiple images. It offers a three-step wizard interface where you can add your photos, make edits, and select the output format and folder. The app automatically applies the edits to all added photos. Resizing images with PhotoMarks is straightforward – simply enter the desired dimensions in pixels or percentage for width and height.

You can also maintain aspect ratio, prevent upscaling of smaller pictures, and optimize them by cropping, rotating, or converting (including RAW files). Additionally, you can protect your photos with watermarks or enhance them with frames and borders. PhotoMarks allows you to save your settings as Profiles for future use, saving you time from repetitive editing tasks.

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Apps to Reduce Photo Size: BatchPhoto

Looking for apps that reduce photo size? Look no further than BatchPhoto! This photo editor is specifically designed with productivity in mind. It offers a variety of features to improve your workflow and make editing photos easier than ever before. With BatchPhoto, you can process hundreds of images simultaneously and save frequently-used operations for quick access in future projects.

You can even apply preset edits directly from Windows Explorer’s right-click menu! Plus, BatchPhoto allows you to resize your photos effortlessly by adjusting the width and height manually using pixels or percentage. But that’s not all – this app goes above and beyond by allowing you to adjust document size in inches and DPI resolution too!

With its extensive range of features including cropping, rotation, watermarking, adding date and time stamps as well as retouching options and artistic filters – BatchPhoto truly has it all when it comes to resizing images!


Experience lightning-fast and efficient photo resizing with Fotosizer – a Windows tool designed to exceed your expectations. Stand out from the crowd with its diverse resizing modes: Fit, Stretch, Side, Pad and Crop – allowing you to transform photo sizes in countless ways. Tailor dimensions precisely by adjusting pixel or percentage values; explore an extensive range of preset sizes; emphasize specific sides of your pictures; or add a touch of elegance with padding options.

But there’s more! Fotosizer goes beyond batch resizing by enabling cropping, flipping and rotating functionalities alongside artistic effects application. Maximize productivity by saving frequently used operations as profiles for seamless editing sessions in the future. While some may find its interface slightly outdated compared to competitors’ offerings, Fotosizer remains unrivaled when it comes to optimizing images.

Batch Picture Resizer

If you’re looking for an easy way to resize multiple photos at once, look no further than Batch Picture Resizer. This user-friendly software provides a simple solution for resizing your images in bulk. The interface is divided into two main sections – one for displaying your added images and another for accessing various features and a preview of your changes.

To get started with resizing your photos using Batch Picture Resizer, all you need to do is load your files and click on the Resize tab. From there, you have several options to customize the dimensions of your images. You can specify specific dimensions in pixels or percentage or choose from a range of preset sizes.

But that’s not all – Batch Picture Resizer also offers additional features to enhance your photos. You can change the canvas size of your images as well as preserve their original aspect ratio or select a predefined height for consistent sizing.

In addition to resizing options, this versatile tool also allows you to convert pictures to popular image formats with ease. You can even rename files, rotate images as needed and apply watermarks for personalization purposes.

With Batch Picture Resizer’s basic effects, you can add a touch of creativity to your resized images. Whether you’re looking to reduce the size of your photos for web or email purposes, this app has got you covered.

Light Image Resizer

If you’re seeking an efficient solution for reducing the size of multiple photos at once on Windows devices, look no further than Light Image Resizer. While its design may not be visually stimulating per se, it boasts a clear interface that ensures seamless navigation from the get-go.

With this tool at your disposal, resizing your images becomes a breeze – simply input new width and height dimensions manually or choose from an extensive range of predefined profiles.

Moreover, Light Image Resizer offers an assortment of resizing modes like Fit, Stretch, Centering options (both horizontally and vertically), as well as extending images to square dimensions or cropping them accordingly.

Don’t let its name deceive you – Light Image Resizer extends beyond basic file size reduction capabilities. This versatile app presents additional features that allow you to optimize and enhance your photographs effortlessly. Convert images into various formats with ease; compile multiple pictures into polished PDF documents; or leave an indelible mark by seamlessly adding watermarks onto your visuals.

Moreover, the app empowers you to experiment with a plethora of special effects, fine-tune settings such as brightness and contrast, and even create captivating photo collages for social media sharing purposes. With Light Image Resizer, you’ll have all the necessary tools at your disposal to reduce photo sizes effectively while simultaneously unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

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Icecream Image Resizer

Resize your photos effortlessly with Icecream Image Resizer – an intuitive Windows application designed to reduce image sizes effectively. The program’s interface is divided into two sections: one displaying added images and another offering multiple options for file size reduction. Its user-friendly structure ensures a seamless experience without any confusion.

Simply input desired width and height values manually or select from a range of preset sizes suitable for email attachments, mobile optimization, desktop wallpapers or sharing on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Moreover, Icecream Image Resizer enables you to personalize your pictures by adding a custom logo if desired. Prior to processing your images, an estimated file size based on your chosen preset is provided for convenience.


RIOT is a versatile image optimization tool for Windows that can be used independently or as a plugin. The program features a user-friendly interface with dual views, allowing you to compare the original image with the compressed version in real time. RIOT offers automatic file optimization, selecting the best parameters and format, but also provides a manual mode.

Additionally, the app enables resizing by specifying preferred dimensions and selecting resampling filters. You can also compress files to a specific size by entering the desired kilobyte value. In addition to resizing, RIOT offers various other features such as rotation, flipping, and basic image adjustments like brightness, contrast, and gamma.

FILEminimizer Pictures

If you’re looking for an efficient way to reduce photo size on your PC, look no further than FILEminimizer Pictures. This user-friendly tool guarantees impressive results when it comes to compressing images. By utilizing its advanced technology, this program can achieve file compression rates of up to 98%.

This means that even large files like a 10 MB PNG or JPEG image can be compressed down to a mere 0.2 MB without compromising quality. With four different compression modes available (strong, standard, low, and custom), FILEminimizer Pictures allows you complete control over how much you want to reduce the file size while maintaining satisfactory image quality.

The process of compressing photos with FILEminimizer Pictures is hassle-free – simply open the application and select the desired photos. Then hit the Optimize Files button and let the program take care of the rest!

In addition to its impressive capabilities for reducing photo size efficiently, this tool also offers seamless integration with Facebook. This means that after compressing your images using FILEminimizer Pictures, you can instantly share them on your Facebook profile.

However, it’s important to note that FILEminimizer Pictures does not provide advanced editing features for optimizing your photos beyond compression. Additionally, some users may find the design of the program outdated. Nonetheless, its exceptional performance in reducing photo size makes it a valuable tool for anyone looking to save storage space without compromising on image quality.

FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a versatile Windows tool for resizing images that offers a range of options to optimize and enhance your pictures. Despite its slightly outdated interface and less-than-intuitive resize function, this app is definitely worth considering. To reduce the size of your photos, simply enable the Use Advanced Options feature, access the Resize option through the Advanced Options menu, and select from various resizing methods such as pixels, percentage, print size, or one side.

Additionally, you can take advantage of multiple resampling filters to achieve desired results. Moreover, FastStone Photo Resizer provides numerous additional features to enhance your images including batch conversion, renaming capabilities, rotation and cropping tools, text comments and border effects. Furthermore, you can protect your images by adding a logo watermark and make basic adjustments to brightness, contrast, saturation or sharpness.

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