Big Mouth Season 6

What’s the Latest News on Big Mouth Season 6?

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Big Mouth Season 6

It’s that time of year again: Big Mouth is back! Season 6 of the show is set to release on Netflix on May 27, and we can’t wait to see what the new season has in store. In the meantime, we wanted to take a look at some of the latest news on the show. Here you will find everything from cast updates to details about the new season. We hope you enjoy!

What’s new in Big Mouth Season 6

Season 6 of the hit Netflix series Big Mouth is set to release on July 18th, and fans are gearing up for some fresh content. While there isn’t much information available yet, we can glean a few details from past seasons.

The show will continue its tradition of being NSFW, with some new characters who may not be so willing to censor themselves. We’ve also heard that the plot will focus primarily on Nick’s romantic life, which could mean some interesting developments.

We’ll have to wait and see what else Big Mouth has in store for us this season, but we’re excited to find out!

Cast and crew

Big Mouth Season 2 is set to air on Netflix on May 29th. The cast and crew have been tight-lipped about what’s in store for the second season, but some leaked footage has given us a little tease. In the clip, Ian Anderson (creator, writer, and star of the show) and John Mulaney (co-creator and star of the show) are discussing something that could potentially happen in the new season.

“We want someone who looks like a girl,” Anderson says. “But we can’t have that person be our lead because then it would just be weird.” This opens up the possibility of a transgender character appearing on Big Mouth Season 2, which would be groundbreaking for television.

The first season of Big Mouth was met with mixed reviews, but many people were drawn to its unconventional approach to comedy. It’s uncertain whether or not the show will be able to maintain its audience after a strong first season, but if it does, it could pave the way for more LGBT+ representation on television.

Premiere Date

“The hotly anticipated third season of Big Mouth is set to premiere on Netflix on October 17th, and we have all the latest news for you! In this post, we’ll be discussing all of the new cast additions, what’s in store for the characters this season, and more. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Big Mouth Season 3!”

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for Big Mouth Season 3 and it gives us a better idea of what to expect from the show. The cast additions this season are John Mulaney as Professor Ian Duncan alongside Fred Savage, Jane Krakowski, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Ryan Stiles, and Justin Long. As expected, the trailer is full of NSFW humor that should definitely get fans excited for the return of the series. The plot for Big Mouth Season 3 revolves around Nick getting his driver’s license and Lynn trying to keep up with him while also dealing with her anxiety disorder. We can also expect plenty of zany antics from our favorite characters this season.

New Episodes

There have been plenty of new episodes released for Big Mouth Season 2. Here’s what you need to know:

1) The first episode of the season features a flashback to when Andrew and Gina met. They share a funny story about how they met and ended up dating before moving on to their current relationship.

2) Another great new episode features Julie talking about her braces and going through some of the challenges she faced during treatment. Her friends offer support and offer advice on how she can maintain her smile throughout the year.

3) Lastly, in one of our most popular new episodes, Max and Emma discuss puberty. They talk about all the changes happening to their bodies, including periods, growing breasts, and more. This episode is sure to make even the most seasoned big sister or parent squirm in embarrassment!

What to Expect in the Next Season

The eagerly anticipated second season of Big Mouth is set to premiere on Netflix on September 29th. In the meantime, here are 5 things you need to know about the show:

1. The series is set around a group of high schoolers who form an online comedy channel called “Big Mouth”.
2. The first season follows the kids as they navigate their way through puberty, friendships, and love triangles.
3. Some of the returning cast members include Jason Mantzoukas (Parks and Recreation), Nick Kroll (Key and Peele), John Mulaney (SNL), Andrew Goldberg (Human Target) and Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live).
4. Season 2 will be 10 episodes long, compared to 8 in Season 1.
5. There have been no official release dates for Season 2 yet, but it is expected that it will premiere sometime in September 2019.


If you’re a fan of Big Mouth, then you’ll be happy to know that the show has been picked up for a sixth season. This news was announced last night during the Adult Swim upfronts, and while there is still no release date set yet, it’s safe to say that all of your favorite characters will be back this coming year. Stay tuned for more information as we near the premiere.

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