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The 3 Target Skills in Physical Education You Need to Know

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Physical education is more than just exercise; it’s an essential part of a well-rounded education. Not only does physical activity help promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also teaches kids the importance of teamwork and goal-setting. But what target skills do students need to know for physical education? In this blog post, we’ll explore the three most important skills that every student should be familiar with when participating in physical education classes. From movement basics to coordination and more, read on to learn about the necessary target skills you need to know for physical education.

The Three Target Skills

There are three target skills that physical educators should focus on teaching: locomotor skills, nonlocomotor skills, and manipulative skills.

Locomotor skills involve movement from one place to another, such as running, skipping, and leaping. Nonlocomotor skills are stationary movements, such as stretching and bending. Manipulative skills involve using an object, such as a ball or bat, to hit a target.

Physical education classes should provide opportunities for students to practice all three types of skills. However, the emphasis should be on locomotor skills since they form the basis for most other sports and activities.

How to Improve Your Target Skills

There are a few things you can do to work on your target skills in physical education. First, make sure you have the proper equipment. Second, find a good spot to practice. Third, get some help from a friend or coach. Finally, focus on your form and accuracy.

The Benefits of Physical Education

  1. The benefits of physical education are numerous and well-documented.
  2. Physical activity can help improve academic performance, increase brain power, and boost energy levels.
  3. It also helps reduce stress, improve mood, and promoting overall health and fitness.
  4. Regular participation in physical education can also reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

The Importance of Physical Education

It is well established that physical education provides cognitive, social, and physical benefits to students. However, with the current focus on standardized testing and academic achievement, many schools are reducing or eliminating physical education programs. This is a mistake. Research has shown that physical activity can improve academic performance, and there is a growing body of evidence indicating that regular physical activity can have a positive impact on cognitive development, including executive function (the ability to plan, organize, and execute tasks) and memory.

In addition to the cognitive benefits of physical activity, there are also social and emotional benefits. Physical activity can help children develop teamwork skills and learn how to cooperate with others. It can also foster a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. And finally, regular physical activity can help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall mental health.

Clearly, physical education is important for all students. It should be seen as an essential part of the curriculum, not as an afterthought or something that can be easily cut when budget constraints arise.


Physical education is an important part of a student’s development. Developing the fundamental skills needed to stay active and healthy helps build confidence, strength, and coordination. Target skills play a critical role in physical education and should be mastered by all students so that they can fully participate in physical activities for lifelong health benefits. With guidance from instructors and practice on these three target skills – locomotion, manipulative, and stability – you can improve your overall physical well-being!

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