Alcohol Abuse

Learn to Spot the Signs of Alcohol Abuse

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Unfortunately, nearly 14.5 million American adults suffer from some alcohol use disorder. It is a severe problem that can cause irreversible damage to the physical and mental health of the individual, those around them, and their quality of life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spot the signs of alcohol addiction in your situation. Once you realize someone close to you has an issue, you can look into getting them the help they need.

To learn more, keep reading to find five definitive signs that someone you love may suffer from alcohol abuse.

Visual Clues of Abuse

Bloodshot eyes, flushed skin, and alcoholic odor on the breath are the most obvious. Other signs may include difficulty walking, slurred speech, and jumpiness. They also have mood changes such as sudden irritability, and memory problems.

Long-term physical and emotional health signs can arise from chronic alcohol use. These can include tremors, depression, weight loss, and confusion. Seeking medical help when spotting any of these signs is essential.

Abuse of alcohol often accompanies mental illness. Addressing both with a qualified healthcare provider can provide a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Changes in Social Circles

The person may start withdrawing from old friends who don’t drink or party as much. They start hanging around a new group of people who indulge more in partying and drinking.

Also, if the person begins avoiding certain situations and people, it might be because they succumb to the temptation of alcohol when they’re among certain crowds. Besides changes in social contact, other signs of alcohol abuse include increased consumption of alcohol and drinking experience to cope with emotions or difficulties.

If you suspect someone you know is an abuser, offer support and help without seeming pushy or judgmental.

Physical Signs of Addiction

Someone struggling with alcohol abuse may have a general deterioration in their appearance. They look older than they are and have pale skin. They may also show poor nutrition, such as weight loss or vitamin deficiency.

Have a look for other signs of addiction. This includes changes in sleep patterns, loss of coordination, and tremors in the hands or feet.

In addition, people with alcohol abuse may suffer from illnesses such as liver disease and high blood pressure. By understanding the physical signs of addiction, we can help those struggling with alcohol abuse get the help and support they need for a better future.

Stop Alcohol Abuse by Knowing the Signs

Be aware of the signs of alcohol abuse and take the time to educate yourself on the dangers of alcohol misuse. Alcohol misuse is a severe health concern; you should not take it lightly.

If you or a loved one suffers from alcohol abuse, seek treatment and support services to help work through the problem and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about alcohol misuse and get the necessary resources to stay safe.

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