Learn the different kinds of conduit and what they’re used for 

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A conduit is a tube enclosure that protects electrical wires that supply power to a home or a building. These electrical conduit tubes are made of a variety of materials. It can either be made of plastic, steel, galvanized steel, nylon, PVC, polypropylene, and steel spring wire. 

Wire conduit is used to be run underground or through walls, or when cables need protection. This would protect it from an exposed open area. 

There are many conduits. We will examine them below. Conduit wiring is a safe way to wire something. It can also be used in cold or humid places as it is insulated

They are easy to maintain and have a long life span. 

RS PRO Rigid Conduit, 20mm Nominal Diameter, PVC, White

This conduit is a heavy-duty conduit that is manufactured from PVC. It has connections that make for a tight fitting. 

An individual can purchase this conduit in either white or black. It has a nominal diameter of 20 mm. The conduit type is rigid. The length is 2mm. 

RS PRO Flexible Conduit, 16mm Nominal Diameter, Plastic, Black

This conduit is a closed flexible conduit. It has a nominal diameter of 16 mm. This particular conduit is black. 

It is a flexible conduit. The interior diameter is 10.7mm and the length is 25m. It is an uncoated material. 

RS PRO Flexible Conduit, 10mm Nominal Diameter, Plastic, Grey

This conduit is a low-cost flame retardant conduit. It is expected to have prolonged flexing and vibration. It is manufactured from extrusion-drawn polyethylene. 

The conduit has an operating temperature of 50°C. It is also a crush resistant to BS6099. 

It is resistant to nitric acid, sulphuric acid, detergent, diesel, and white spirit. It has a nominal diameter of 10mm. Its outer diameter is 10.2mm. 

Its interior diameter is 7.4mm. It’s length is 5m. 

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