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How to Choose the Right PIM System for Your Business

by Daily Banner

It’s not easy to create and maintain a product. When 75% of products fail, you’re already at a disadvantage. If you don’t do enough to manage product information to manage information for customers and employees, you put yourself at an even bigger disadvantage.

A PIM system can significantly impact your business, but you need to find the right one to see the benefits. Follow the advice below to find PIM software that will meet your needs.

Consider Your Needs

Finding the right product information management software means understanding your needs. Each option has unique features that make them suitable for different use cases.

Take a consumer-facing app, for instance. If you have a public-facing app, you need a system that works well for consumers. But if you’re using a PIM internally, you’ll need another set of features to account for your employees’ needs.

Click here to learn more about what features PIM programs have.

Check for Integrations

Many product management systems aren’t stand-alone anymore. Since you can likely use data from your other software in your PIM system, it makes sense to work with integrations to make syncing data easier.

Look at your current and future software tooling to see what you currently use. Once you do, check for the integrations offered by PIM software to see how well it connects to your current operation.

Look at Pricing

Pricing will be an essential factor to consider when looking at PIM software. Depending on the number of features you need, you may pay a large monthly fee for the product.

Get pricing from as many software options as possible to determine costs. From there, compare the number of features you get for the price to see which options offer the best value.

Try a Demo

A great thing about software is that it’s usually easy to try. Things are a bit more complicated with product data — but that doesn’t mean vendors don’t offer demos.

See if you can try a PIM program before you buy. You should be able to explore all the features to see if a product is right for your business.

Get Feedback

One of the best ways to find a PIM program is to learn from people who have been in your position before. This means contacting other business owners and managers to see what they recommend.

Reach out to your network to get this information. If you can’t find anyone who has purchased PIM programs before, see if you can find information online from others in your position.

Find the Right PIM System

Having a system to store product data is essential in a product business. Without a way to learn about products and find information about them, customers will have a hard time finding what they need to make an intelligent buying decision.

A PIM system gives you that ability. You’ll be able to use PIM systems to offer an excellent experience for your customers and make life easier for your team. Use the information above to find the best software for your business.

Of course, a PIM program isn’t the only technology you can use in your business. Check out the blog to see what other tech is available.

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