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How Do You Set Up a Wheelie Bar?

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Regarding functional fitness equipment, few pieces are as versatile and intimidating as a wheelie bar. If you’re unfamiliar with one, it is essentially a piece of weight-bearing equipment that allows users to perform multiple exercises from a standing or kneeling position. Setting up a wheelie bar can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This blog post will walk you through setting up your own wheelie bar and help you get started with your functional fitness routine.

What is a Wheelie Bar?

A wheelie bar is a motorcycle accessory that helps you pull off wheelies. To set up a wheelie bar, you will need: -A bike with a rear suspension -A wheelie bar -An anchor or tow strap -Some rope or chain.

How to Set Up a Wheelie Bar?

You can’t go wrong with a wheelie bar when creating a custom stunt bar. This simple piece of equipment can completely transform your performing experience, making it easier and faster to complete your stunts. Here’s how to set up a wheelie bar: 
1) Decide on the size and shape of your wheelie bar. Most bars are available in both round and rectangular shapes. 
2) Measure the distance between the wall or surface you’ll be riding on and the center of your wheelie bar. This will determine the height of your bar. 
3) Cut or drill holes in the wall or surface you’ll be using as a support at the desired height above ground level. Ensure enough room so your hand can fit through while gripping the end of the wheelie bar. 
4) Attach the wheelie bar to the wall or surface using bolts, screws, or nails (preferably with washers). Ensure your wheelie bar is securely attached, so it doesn’t move during use.
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Benefits of Wheelie Bars

When you set up a wheelie bar, you’re providing an area for your bike to rest while working on stunts or grinding. This can make it much easier to stay in control and maintain balance when performing stunts or grinding. Additionally, Wheelie Bars can help protect your bike from scratches and other damage.

Guidelines for Safe Wheelie Bar Use

If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your motocross riding, a wheelie bar can be an excellent way. Wheelie bars are handlebars that allow riders to perform ‘wheelies’ – using the bike’s momentum to lift the front wheel off the ground. While Wheelie bars may seem like a dangerous addition to your motocross arsenal, they can be quite safe once you know how to use them safely.
To set up a wheelie bar correctly, you must first identify where it should go on your motorcycle. Most wheelie bars fit between the handlebar and the foot peg – though some models fit on top of the handlebars or even down low on the tank (for dirt bikes). Once you have located it, bolt it using the screws or bolts that come with your kit.
The tricky part is learning how to use your wheelie bar safely. As with any new riding technique, start by practicing at a slow speed around a straight section of track until you feel confident with how it feels and looks. Once you’re comfortable with this level of control, begin practicing at faster speeds around corners and grassy areas – but always stay within your limits!
Never try to do a wheelie while traveling over 50 mph – this maneuver cannot be performed safely at those speeds. And finally.


Setting up a wheelie bar can be a fun and challenging project, but it is achievable with the right tools and techniques. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of setting up your wheelie bar and provide tips on making it as safe and enjoyable as possible. So join the circus!]

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