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15 Startling Facts About Astra Tech Ev Implant Catalog That You Never Knew

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Are you familiar with Astra Tech Ev implant catalog? If not, get ready to be amazed by these 15 startling facts that you never knew about this innovative dental solution. From the different types of implants available to the benefits they offer, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Astra Tech Ev implant catalog.

Whether you’re a dentist or someone considering getting dental implants, this post will provide valuable insights on how to choose the right option for your needs and get the most out of your implants. So, sit back and discover what makes Astra Tech Ev implant catalog stand out in the market!

What is the Astra Tech Ev implant catalog?

The Astra Tech Ev implant catalog is a series of dental implants developed by the Swedish company, Dentsply Sirona. These implants are designed to offer patients a high level of comfort and stability, while also providing dentists with an easy-to-use system for placing and securing them in place.

One unique aspect of the Astra Tech Ev implant catalog is its BioManagement Complex™ technology. This advanced feature enhances bone formation around the implant site, which promotes long-term success rates and prevents complications such as peri-implantitis.

Another benefit of these implants is their versatility. The Astra Tech Ev implant catalog offers multiple types of implants that can be customized to fit each patient’s individual needs. Whether you need a single tooth replacement or full arch restoration, there’s an option available within this product line.

Moreover, Astra Tech Ev implant catalog provides superior strength and durability due to its surface technology called OsseoSpeed® Technology. It maximizes osseointegration allowing faster healing time and higher success rate even under challenging conditions like soft bones or low-density jawbones.

The innovative design features coupled with their precision placement procedure make these dental implants stand out from others in terms of quality assurance standards set by professional dentistry organizations worldwide.

The different types of implants

When it comes to dental implants, there are various types available in the market. Each type of implant has its own unique features and benefits that cater to different patient needs.

One of the most commonly used implants is the Endosteal implant, which is placed directly into the jawbone and can support one or more artificial teeth. This type of implant is ideal for patients with sufficient bone density in their jaw.

Another popular option is Subperiosteal implants, which are designed for patients who have a shallow jawbone and cannot undergo bone augmentation surgery. The implant sits on top of the existing bone and supports a prosthetic tooth.

Zygomatic implants are specifically designed for individuals with severe bone loss in their upper jaw. They anchor onto the cheekbone instead of relying solely on the jawbone like traditional implants.

All-on-4 dental implants replace an entire arch or both arches using only four strategically placed titanium posts per arch. This technique provides a full set of permanent teeth without requiring extensive surgery or recovery time.

Choosing the right type of dental implant largely depends on individual patient needs, preferences and doctor recommendations. Consultation with your dentist will help determine what option best suits you for optimum oral health care.

The benefits of the Astra Tech Ev implant catalog

The Astra Tech Ev implant catalog offers numerous benefits for both patients and dentists. Firstly, the implants are designed to provide excellent stability and long-term durability within the jawbone, ensuring that they last a lifetime with proper care.

Another significant advantage of using Astra Tech Ev implants is their compatibility with bone grafting procedures. This means that patients who have experienced bone loss in their jaw can still receive implants without undergoing additional surgeries or treatments.

Furthermore, the unique design of these implants allows for easy integration into natural teeth while maintaining optimal aesthetic results. The smooth surface also makes them resistant to plaque buildup, reducing the risk of gum disease and decay.

Dentists appreciate working with Astra Tech Ev implant catalog as it provides them with a wide range of options to choose from when selecting which type of implant will suit each patient’s needs best. They can select different shapes, sizes, lengths and diameters according to individual requirements.

Choosing Astra Tech Ev implant catalog ensures high-quality replacement teeth that look and feel like natural teeth while providing superior strength and longevity.

How to get the most out of your implants

Getting dental implants is an investment in your oral health and overall well-being. To get the most out of your Astra Tech Ev implant catalog, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene habits. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using mouthwash can help prevent plaque buildup and keep your gums healthy.

Secondly, follow any post-operative instructions given by your dentist or surgeon closely. This may include avoiding certain foods or activities for a period of time after the procedure.

Thirdly, attend regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that everything is healing properly and to catch any potential issues early on.

Make sure to communicate openly with your dental team about any concerns or questions you have. They can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the process.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of your Astra Tech Ev implant catalog and enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come.

Tips for choosing the right implants

Choosing the right implants for your dental needs can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it can be challenging to make the best choice. However, there are some tips that can help you make an informed decision.

Firstly, consider the material of the implant. Titanium and zirconia are popular materials used in implants due to their durability and biocompatibility with human tissues. Discuss with your dentist which option is better suited for your individual case.

Secondly, understand the size and shape of the implant needed for your restoration. Your dentist will take measurements to determine what size is appropriate. Additionally, they may recommend a specific shape based on aesthetic considerations or functionality requirements.

Thirdly, consider if any additional procedures are necessary before getting implants such as bone grafting or sinus lifts. These procedures may impact which type of implant is most suitable for you.

Ask about the manufacturer’s warranty and reputation in producing high-quality products. Astra Tech Ev has gained a reputation for manufacturing top-notch dental implants that undergo rigorous testing before being released into the market.

By keeping these tips in mind when choosing dental implants, you’ll increase your chances of achieving long-lasting results that meet both aesthetic expectations and functional needs!


To sum it up, the Astra Tech Ev implant catalog is a comprehensive solution for dental implants that offers various benefits over traditional methods. With its diverse range of implants and advanced features, this catalog can help you achieve optimal results in your dental procedures.

Whether you are looking to replace missing teeth or improve your overall oral health, Astra Tech Ev implants can provide the support and stability that you need. By following the tips mentioned above and consulting with a qualified dentist, you can ensure that you choose the right type of implant for your needs and get the most out of your investment.

So if you’re considering getting dental implants, make sure to explore what Astra Tech Ev has to offer. With their high-quality products and commitment to innovation, they are sure to provide solutions that meet even your most demanding needs.

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