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4 Teeth Straightening Options for You to Consider

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According to 68% of Americans, people who smile more are trustworthy, confident, and approachable. 

Are you tired of hiding your gorgeous smile behind closed lips? Has your dentist reacted after seeing your misaligned teeth? With the trending popularity of perfect white teeth, having crooked teeth is a total turn-off.

Straight teeth make you look good and provide you with a clean and healthy smile. Getting the proper dental care can help you ensure proper oral health.

In this guide, you’ll discover all you need to know about teeth straightening options you should know. So read on!

1. Metal Braces

The braces consist of small metal brackets, which attach to the teeth using a special type of glue. From there, a metal wire is threaded through each set of brackets. It provides tension to pull the teeth into their correct alignment.

Metal braces can be uncomfortable but are usually the most cost-effective option. They take 12-24 months to complete treatment and require regular check-ups for adjustments or maintenance.

2. Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners custom-made to fit the individual’s mouth. The aligners are easy to take out when brushing and flossing. In doing so, you don’t need to spend extra time brushing around braces or worrying about food getting trapped.

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In addition, Invisalign aligners are invisible to the eye. It has no metal brackets or wires to draw attention. Patients also experience more comfortable aligners that are less likely to irritate the gums and mouth.

3. Veneers

The process involves placing a thin custom-shaped shell over the front surface of your teeth. These shells are dental-grade porcelain, similar to the color of your teeth. Once the veneers are attached, they can last up to fifteen years or more.

A key benefit of veneers is that you can get fast results, in most cases, in two or three visits. Veneers are ideal for people who want to avoid going through a lengthy orthodontic process.

Veneers are also great for those who want to mask discolorations and other imperfections in one or more teeth. They are a minimally invasive option that can enhance your smile without removing enamel or dentin from the rest of your teeth.

4. Ceramic Braces

This option offers a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing look than traditional metal braces. The ceramic braces have tooth-colored brackets that blend in with the natural tooth shade and make them less noticeable.

Due to the ceramic’s translucent material, the teeth can move with less pressure. It also results in less irritation for the wearer. Additionally, ceramic braces are an excellent option for those with nickel or metal allergies.

Ceramic braces are very durable, especially when properly maintained throughout treatment. The cost is comparable to traditional braces, making it an excellent choice for those seeking orthodontic treatment.

Fix Crooked Teeth with the Best Teeth Straightening Solutions

From metal braces to invisible aligners, there are multiple teeth straightening options to consider. Do your research, consult a professional, and find the best solution for your needs and budget. Take the next step today toward a straighter, healthier smile!

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