Zhukov spoke about the cruelty of the Buryats in Ukraine – UNIAN

Zhukov spoke about the behavior of servicemen from Buryatia.

The Buryats showed particular cruelty in Ukraine / video screenshot

Russia committed atrocities in Ukraine, primarily because of sending to our country servicemen from Buryatiaknown for their cruelty.

He spoke about this in interview To Dmitry Gordon, Head of the Patrol Police Department of Ukraine Yevgeny Zhukov (call sign “Marshal”).

“They have a toilet 300 meters away in a field. They have never seen that it is possible to live like this,” Zhukov said, confirming that cruelty is associated with class hatred.

“Secondly, there are mostly aggressive youngsters, permissiveness,” he added.

Also, “Marshal” spoke about permissiveness for the invaders.

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“So he saw that permissiveness, you can hit, shoot, kill, take away, and the commander doesn’t tell him anything, then you can do everything. That’s how they did it,” Zhukov said.

What preceded this

As of June 18, it was known that Buryatia buries daily, and the Russian Federation sends people from poor regions to war. As of mid-June, 184 deaths from Buryatia have been confirmed.

On June 29, 2022, the wives of the Buryats demanded return their husbands from Ukraine.

On July 12, 2022, information appeared in the media that the Buryats in Russia jumping out of busesso as not to get to the war.

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