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According to him, “goal number one” on the peninsula is the Crimean bridge.

Zhdanov described the future liberation of Crimea / photo from UNIAN

Liberation Crimea from the invaders, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be carried out not by positional battles, but by means of a maneuverable offensive by separate units and subunits.

Such a forecast voiced military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“Basically, this will be remote work. I hope by that time we will already have missiles with a launch range of up to 300 km and we will be able to block the artery in the form of the Crimean bridge. And we will have aviation. in mind, the old Soviet or already Western-style will also be able to participate in the liberation of Crimea,” the expert says.

According to him, “goal number one” on the peninsula today is the Crimean bridge.

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“As soon as you arrive first [дальнобойная] rocket, in my opinion, it is necessary to immediately strike at the Crimean bridge. It is necessary to turn off this “faucet”, the endless flow of military equipment that goes through the Southern Military District and the Crimean Bridge … Most of the equipment that enters Kherson through pontoon crossings all comes from the territory of Crimea. Everything is brought there. And there now they will begin to accumulate a new wave of technology. So why wait? We must immediately turn off this tap,” Zhdanov is convinced.

Earlier, intelligence reported that in the occupied Crimea, after the restoration deployed a battalion tactical group Russian airborne troops to send the Russian Federation to the war against Ukraine.

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