Zhdanov assessed the possibility of the use of chemical weapons by the Russian Federation in Ukraine – UNIAN

The West is sending signals to the aggressor about the inadmissibility of using such weapons.

Chemical weapons / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / Facebook photo

Today, the threat of the use by the Russian Federation chemical weapons in Ukraine remains minimal.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov at his YouTube channel.

Judging by the course of events, the Kremlin does not believe that they are losing the war, the expert says.

“I understand that Putin thinks that everything is going according to plan, and he is not going to lose yet. Therefore, for now, the threat of the use of chemical weapons is minimal. In addition, there is a whole series of signals that the West sends to Russia about the use or attempts to use weapons of mass destruction in this war. That is, everyone wants the war to continue only with conventional weapons,” he explained.

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He also said that it is very difficult to defend yourself against chemical weapons.

It is necessary to cover yourself with a raincoat or waterproof material and wear a gas mask. Later, you need to throw off the cloak and try to get into cover by going through a special decontamination chamber.

“To protect yourself from chemical weapons, you need special equipment, in addition to personal protective equipment. Gas masks and filters will save you only from nerve agents or suffocating agents. If a blister agent is used, then a combined arms protective kit is needed. Special equipment is needed to decontaminate these chemicals, because some of them have a fairly high resistance and can act within a day,” Zhdanov said.

Recall that on April 11, the Azov regiment stated that Russian troops used against Ukrainian military and civilians poisonous substance of unknown origin.

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