Zelensky: We are told not to anger Russia, but she lost her face and put on a mask of a terrorist – Ukrainian news, Politics

The president Vladimir Zelensky responded to the calls “to act delicately and not to anger Russia” so that it has the opportunity to “save face” that are heard in the world. About this he informed while speaking to students at the Australian National University.

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According to him, every day the world is shocked by new reports of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine, and this should not become something familiar, as it will mean that the world has come to terms.

“A lot of people are worried about the fact that you need to act “delicately and not anger Russia” so that she has the opportunity to “save face”. It should be obvious to everyone – this does not matter, it is impossible to anger someone who is furious. It is impossible to save face to those who do not want it themselves. Russia itself has been demonstrating this for more than 160 days,” Zelensky said.

He noted that today’s Russia “lost face long ago.”

“Once again, the world has seen what is hidden under the mask of an alleged peacemaker, which Russia has been trying to wear for many years. There is another mask. With a slit for the eyes and mouth. A mask worn by terrorists,” the president said.

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