Zelensky on Russia after Putin: Residents of the Russian Federation need to admit that they are all to blame for the war – Ukrainian news, Politics

The president Vladimir Zelensky believes that the Russians should admit their guilt in the war against Ukraine, as the Germans did after World War II. About this he informed while speaking to students at the Australian National University.

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According to him, it depends on the Russian people whether Russia can become a democratic country and return to the civilized world after the departure of the dictator. Vladimir Putin.

“Let’s remember the Second World War, a bloody tragedy with blood stains on the German people. The German people found the strength to recognize the war as a tragic mistake of their state and people. They realized that everyone was to blame – both those who supported Hitler and those who he was just silent,” Zelensky said.

He noted that Germany has become one of the most advanced economies in the world and has given its generations the opportunity to live in a civilized world, and therefore Russia may have such an opportunity.

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