Zelensky is convinced that Russia will not stop in Ukraine and will go further – UNIAN

According to the president, if Ukraine does not withstand the pressure, then after it, other former Soviet republics may be under the threat of attack from Russia.

Zelensky explained the importance for Ukraine to withstand the pressure of the Russian Federation /

President Volodymyr Zelensky once again stressed that Russia will not stop at Ukraine, because he sees the entire former USSR as his territory.

He stated this on briefing following a meeting with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bethel.

“We are confident that the Russian Federation will not stop on our territory, on the territory of Ukraine…”, the President noted.

In his opinion, Russia sees the entire former territory of the Soviet Union as its own, as the territory of the Russian Federation.

“Therefore, we understand that if our state does not withstand such pressure, then after us, our neighbors, other former Soviet republics may be under the threat of attack from the Russian Federation,” Zelensky added.

Formerly Zelensky toldthat the front in Ukraine stretched for more than 2.5 thousand kilometers. He also warned that this week should be expected increased hostile activity of Russia.

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