“Yes, it’s scary, but we are not Mariupol” – Kim on the shelling of Nikolaev and the possible opening of ports – Ukrainian news, Politics

Head of the Nikolaev Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim Against the background of constant shelling of the region by the invaders, he called the situation “sad” and “terrible”, but noted – “we are not Mariupol.” He also announced possible opening of ports.

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“As for the horrors that are happening in our country due to shelling, yes, sadly, our infrastructure is suffering very much, the city is being destroyed. But the happiness is that, thank God, we have few dead, few wounded, St. Nicholas protects us. We do not Mariupol – everything is open here, shops are open… Yes, it’s scary, yes, it’s terrible, but not so sad,” Kim said.

He said that today he spoke with the Minister of Infrastructure Alexander Kubrakov – According to Kim, perhaps in a few weeks “there will be an understanding whether the Nikolaev ports can open.”

This morning, on the air of a nationwide telethon, Kubrakov said that the Ministry of Infrastructure is considering the possibility of connecting the commercial seaport of Nikolaev to grain exports through the “grain corridor”, but it all depends on the security situation.

  • On the night of July 31, Russia again shelled Nikolaev, fires started in the city. Mayor of the city informedthat the Russian shelling of Nikolaev was probably one of the heaviest since the beginning of a full-scale war. Russians beat “Tornados” and modified shells of enhanced destructive action for the S-300.
  • As a result of night shelling of Nikolaev died Hero of Ukraine, owner of the grain trading company “Nibulon” Oleksiy Vadatursky.
  • On the night of August 1, the invaders struck on a new trauma center in Nikolaev, partially destroying the building.

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