Yeltsin Center removed statement calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine

Yeltsin Center was forced to remove the letter against the fighting in Ukraine due to pressure from the security forces. About it informs Yekaterinburg edition of It’s My City.

Representatives of the Yeltsin Center noted in an interview with journalists that the security forces did not explain the specific reasons why they were forced to remove the publication.

The statement was posted on the organization’s website on February 25, a day after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Now, instead of a statement, the page gives a 404 error. As It’s My City notes, the last time the anti-war statement was available was on April 1st. Since April 15, the page began to give a 404 error.

In the text of the statement, which was earlier published The website contained calls for an end to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“On February 24, 2022, our country decided to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine. In 1991, Russia and Ukraine jointly made the choice of their fate – abandoning the legacy of the USSR, they began the difficult path to the community of civilized countries, to democracy and the market. After 30 years, Russia and Ukraine found themselves on opposite sides of the front line,” the statement said.

In addition, the authors of the appeal called the conflict “an unthinkable disaster for both countries and their peoples.” “Realizing the full measure of responsibility that lies with us, as citizens of the stronger side of the fratricidal conflict, we call for an immediate halt to hostilities,” the statement said.

Boris Yeltsin’s daughter Tatyana Yumasheva also spoke out against the military operation in Ukraine. On February 25, she wrote on her social networks: “No to war!”.

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