Yelenovka, Vadatursky. Russia is in no hurry to recognize a terrorist country. Is this not enough for you? – news of Ukraine, Politics

Torture of our warriors terrorist attack in Yelenovka, the murder of the owner of the grain trading company “Nibulon” Alexei Vadatursky and his wife – these are just some of the crimes committed by Russia in the past week.

And we are all waiting for weapons to stop this evil. We are waiting for the recognition of Russia as a terrorist country. How waiting for the sky to close or disconnection of the occupying country from the interbank SWIFT system. Waiting and asking, asking and waiting.

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We can probably wait a little longer. Only Evil does not wait. Evil sees that it is feared, and it believes that this is because it is feared. They are afraid – it means they respect, considers Evil, respect – it means they are considered, they are considered – it means you can dictate conditions and continue.

It is already quite obvious that there is no other way to stop the Evil, except to punch them in the teeth. With all your stupidity. If you don’t want to help the Ukrainians do it, you need to get ready to do it yourself, paying with the lives of American and European taxpayers and voters.

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This is how cynical you need to be in order not to recognize the Russian Federation as a terrorist country for so long.

What else needs to happen? How many children and old people must die? How much more torture do you have to see?

Cowardice and indecision have no nationality, but courage does!


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