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What can be added to minced meat so that it does not fall apart, and why cutlets cannot actually be stewed – find out in the UNIAN material.

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Cutlets are a popular and simple dish, the recipe of which has been passed down from generation to generation. Our grandmothers and mothers cook them from different meats – pork, beef, chicken or turkey, but sometimes, regardless of the type of minced meat and the strictness of following the recipe, the dish turns out to be tasteless.

UNIAN will tell you how to fry cutlets so that the oil does not burn, and why they turn out dry.

Earlier, we talked about how to cook cutlets to perfect readiness.

How to fry cutlets – the main mistakes

There are a huge number of cutlet recipes, but none of them will help you prepare a delicious dish if you do not know the little tricks and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Write down the following 6 points for yourself so that the cutlets always turn out delicious.

Do not make too liquid minced meat for cutlets

If you add too much flour, bread or milk, the mix will be too thin. It does not mold and stick, it is difficult to form cutlets out of it – most likely, they will fall apart. To avoid this, strictly follow the recipe or “fasten” it with flour/starch.

Useful hack: before frying, leave the minced meat for 2 hours in the refrigerator so that it has time to thicken.

Check if the pan is hot enough

It often happens that during the frying of the cutlets in the pan, the oil starts to burn – this is due to insufficient heating. A warm pan will not give you tasty and juicy cutlets, but heated to the maximum – yes. When you pour oil on it, and then put the minced meat, the liquid will not “shoot”, and the cutlets will be well-fried inside, forming an attractive crust on the outside.

Think about why beat the minced meat

Beating the minced meat is a necessary action if you need to increase the ability to “glue” the meat. For such dishes as “kebab” this is justified, but for ordinary cutlets – no. When you beat the minced meat, excess moisture comes out of it, so it becomes more viscous and sticky, and then the cutlets fall apart. Minced meat for cutlets knead well enough and leave in the refrigerator.

Find out when and how to fry cutlets in a pan

A common mistake of many housewives is to start frying cutlets immediately after kneading the minced meat. As a result, the meat does not have time to “saturate”, and the batch – to thicken, so the cutlets are dry and fall apart. The advice here is the same as in the first paragraph – after kneading the minced meat, let it stand in the refrigerator for a while.

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How long to fry cutlets is also a good question. You can’t simmer them for too long, because it “kills” the taste and juiciness. For a palm-sized patty, two minutes of frying on each side is enough, using medium heat. After that – under the lid for 4-5 minutes.

Decide whether to stew cutlets after frying

In fact, stewing cutlets in sauce is a habit formed by many. By itself, the sauce does not pose any danger, but when it combines with the juice from under the cutlets, and at the same time you also simmer it all for 10-15 minutes, the cutlets eventually fall apart. The most correct option is to warm up the cutlets with the sauce for 4-5 minutes and immediately turn it off.

Remember how best to bring cutlets to readiness

Raw pork cutlets are a danger to yourself and your family. Undercooked meat can only be veal or beef, but pork should always be cooked “well done”. In order to check the readiness of the patty, cut it in half – the meat should be white, not pink, and even more so – not red.

The same goes for the life hack about how to reheat meatballs. On the second day, they are usually not so tasty, so it is quite possible to reheat them in a pan with sauce to “refresh” the taste. By the way, this is another reason why you should not overdry the cutlets – on the second or third day they will become even drier and tasteless.

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