Where Russian tourists are not welcome

Many countries will not regret that the citizens of the Russian Federation will not come to them to rest.

Russians are not welcome in some countries / photo REUTERS

Everyone is trying to bring Russia back into the framework of internationally recognized laws and norms. By all means and methods, they are trying to show the Russians that their life will become much worse, poorer, more boring and simply without leaving.

This is done with the help of sanctions, restrictions, ejection from social networks and restrictions on movement around the world. This is stated in the plot of the FreeDom program.

It is noted that the image of the Russian tourist has faded thoroughly, they have the image of drunkards and brawlers. That is why many countries will not regret that the citizens of the Russian Federation will not come to them to rest.

Nine European countries have imposed restrictions on obtaining visas for Russian citizens to one degree or another. It will be much more difficult for citizens of the Russian Federation to get to these countries just like that.

These countries have limited the issuance of visas to Russians / Screenshot

The Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Latvia and the UK refused to issue so-called investment visas to Russians.

These countries do not issue investment visas to Russians / Screenshot

Therefore, quite expectedly, experts predict that now Russians will travel within the country much more often and invest there as well. But there will still be countries where Russian tourists and money will still be welcome, journalists say.

Earlier it was reported that citizens of the Russian Federation on Turkish resorts this summer will be much less. This situation has developed due to problems with flights and Russian credit cards.

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