When will the grain be exported from Ukraine, Turkey said.

Preparations for the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports are at the final stage. As part of agreements between Ukraine, Turkey and the UNin the near future, the first ships with grain may leave the Black Sea ports previously blocked by Russia, Ibrahim Kalin, press secretary of Tayyip Erdogan, said in an interview with Kanal 7 TV channel, reports Reuters.

If everyone [детали] will be completed by tomorrow, which means that there is a high probability that the first ship will leave the port tomorrow … Or we will see how the ships leave the ports the next day” Kalin said.

That is, the resumption of the export of Ukrainian grain by sea may begin on Monday, August 1, or the next day – August 2.

The representative of the Turkish President also stressed that the joint coordination center in Istanbul is already completing work on the development of export routes.

Earlier, the coordinating center for the export of Ukrainian grain stated that “corridor” can work within the next few weeks. To the first sea “caravan” from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine will include 16 ships.

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