When to remove onions from the garden

Onions can be harvested from the beginning of August, but not earlier than the vegetable is fully ripe.

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August has come, which means it’s time to harvest onions in the country and in the garden. Around the beginning of August, the onion ripens and is ready for harvest. UNIAN called the signs of vegetable maturity and gave advice on how to speed up the ripening of the bulbs.

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When to remove onions from the garden: the main signs

A good time to collect onions can be calculated independently: the culture ripens 70-80 days after planting.

The weather also matters. If the summer was dry, then the vegetables can be removed earlier. If there has been recent rainfall, then harvest should be no earlier than a week after the last rain.

You can determine that the onion is ready for harvesting by the following signs:

  • one or more leaves of the bulb turn yellow;
  • leaves fall to the ground;
  • the neck of the bulb is dry;
  • part of the husk, which is visible above the ground, dries up and peels off.

There is no need to delay harvesting. If you remove the onion too late, it will begin to rot and will not last long.

How to speed up the ripening of onions

Onions are recommended to be harvested before the autumn rainy season. If the vegetables are in no hurry to ripen, you can help them a little. To do this, use the following tricks:

  • stop watering the onions for two weeks and cover with a film in rainy weather – in dry soil it ripens faster;
  • if the onion is planted too deep, remove the top layer of soil until the husk of the bulbs appears;
  • Pull the bulbs halfway out of the soil five days before harvest.

How to harvest onions

Bulbs can be pulled out of the ground if they are easy to pull. But if the vegetables are large, then it is better to dig them out with a shovel so as not to damage the tops. If you tear off the tops at harvest, the onion will quickly rot.

If earth has stuck to the bulb during harvesting, remove it with your hands. Do not beat the vegetables on the ground or against each other, otherwise the pulp will be damaged, and the vegetables will rot faster.

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