When Spas 2022 – Honey, Poppy, Apple, Walnut Spas

Every year in August, Christians of the Eastern Rite celebrate holidays dedicated to Jesus Christ. All these holidays have their own church names, but in the folk tradition they received a common designation – Spas. There are three such holidays: Apple, Honey and Walnut. The traditions of their celebration are connected with the products that gave these “tasty” names to the holidays.

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The date of the celebration of the Savior this year

First marked Honey Spasit is celebrated August 14. It is followed by Apple, which celebrate August 19and the third Walnutwhich falls on August 29.

The dates of the holidays do not change, they are celebrated on the same day every year.

The meaning of the holidays

As already mentioned, Spas is the popular name of the three holidays that are dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Honey Savior is also called Makov or Makovey, its celebration falls on the Dormition Fast. On this day, believers venerate three shrines: the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, the Image of the Savior and the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God.

On the holiday, they traditionally begin to collect honey, which is also consecrated in the church.

August 19 is the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. According to tradition, it was impossible to eat apples before the Apple Savior. By this day, apple dishes are prepared, fruits are blessed in the church, and the harvest begins.

The feast of August 29 is dedicated to the transfer of the Image of the Lord Not Made by Hands to Constantinople. The holiday is also called the Bread Savior. On this day, bread and loaves are consecrated in the church. In addition, pancakes and pies were baked for the traditional holiday.

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