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The expert expressed concern that Kadyrov could take Putin’s place.

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Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, more and more people in the world are worried about the main question – when will the Kremlin dictator die? Vladimir Putin. And this is not surprising, because it was his regime that brought a lot of grief to every Ukrainian family.

Famous psychic and tarot reader Max Gordeev on the air “Morning with Ukraine” made a deal on Tarot cards and named the exact month of Putin’s death.

“There are 22 cards in the deck – 22 arcana. I will pull out one by one, and we will see how many months his probable death will come. 9 months on the cards … but you must understand that this is a probable death. I see that fate now decides what to do with it,” the expert said.

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According to the psychic, you should not get hung up on the issue of the death of the Russian dictator, because no one knows who will be after him.

β€œIt may be that he dies, and an even worse person will take his place. Therefore, I advise you to trust the stars, fate and the Universe. They know what they are doing. Of course, when Putin dies, everyone will rejoice. lest an even bigger tyrant take his place.I’m afraid it will be a “don” (meaning Ramzan Kadyrov – UNIAN) because there are such bells,” Gordeev said.

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