When is the Independence Day of Ukraine 2022

What does Independence Day mean in Ukraine and why this holiday is the most important of the year – find out in the UNIAN material.

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Every year our country celebrates the main holiday – Independence Day of Ukraine. Its date is unchanged – 24 August. The day before, on August 23, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of the State Flag of Ukraine. Earlier, UNIAN said which holidays and weekends in august 2022 are waiting for all of us, and today he will tell in more detail about the most significant celebration.

Additionally, we found out whether Independence Day weekend 2022.

How Ukraine became independent – history

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the republics that were part of it began to proclaim their independence. This fate also affected Ukraine, therefore July 16, 1990 The Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Ukraine. On the same day, the Parliament decided that the Independence Day of Ukraine will be celebrated on July 16.

March 17, 1991 was held referendum and a republican poll on whether the citizens of the country agree that Ukraine be part of the Union of Sovereign Republics on the basis of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine. 80% of the respondents answered positively, so July 16 appeared in the list of holidays as a result of the corresponding changes in the Labor Code of the Ukrainian SSR.

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A month later, the “August putsch” took place – an event that is known to the inhabitants of our country as an attempt to deprive Mikhail Gorbachev of power and restore the former state system. As a result of these events August 24, 1991 was accepted “Declaration of Independence of Ukraine”. The authorities considered this action necessary against the background of the coup d’├ętat in the USSR.

On December 1, 1991, a referendum was heldwhere Ukrainians supported the declaration of independence. And on February 20, 1992, the Verkhovna Rada postponed the celebration of Independence Day from July 16 to August 24.

How independent Ukraine is and how to celebrate this holiday

Last year, 2021, our country celebrated the 30th anniversary of its independence. This year we celebrate 31 years since Ukraine took off the shackles of dependence on the Union and became a free state.

The holiday is celebrated on a grand scale, especially in the capital – the president arranges a festive reception, concerts, festivals and actions are held on the main square. People dress in embroidered shirts, carry out state flags, sing songs and glorify the Motherland. The same tradition is preserved in other cities of Ukraine. In addition, prayers for the health and safety of the country are read in churches and temples, and at the end of the day solemn fireworks are launched in all cities.

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