What type of coffee is the lowest calorie

Those who cannot imagine life without coffee, but count calories, as well as those who are interested in what low-calorie coffee is, are probably already looking for answers to their questions. So what are these types of coffee?

There is nothing better than a morning cup of coffee. A refreshing drink, which we enjoy before breakfast, allows us to start the day more energetically. Of all the drinks, coffee is one of the first that comes to mind while communicating with loved ones, after eating and exercising. It is an integral part of our life.

Every day there are more and more types of divine drink, while those who want to lose weight make a choice in favor of less high-calorie ones.

Experts also say that preference should be given primarily to coffee without sugar.

In addition, it is claimed that drinking black filtered coffee before sports training accelerates fat burning.

So how many calories are in the coffee we drink every day? Here are the details on this topic.

Filtered coffee without sugar

One small cup: two kilocalories.

One medium cup: two kilocalories.

One large cup: three kilocalories.

Filtered coffee with sugar and milk

100 milliliters: 12 kilocalories.

200 milliliters: 24 kilocalories.

Starbucks filtered coffee

Small portion: three kilocalories.

Average serving: four kilocalories.

Large portion: five kilocalories.

Extra-large portion: seven kilocalories.


Another type of coffee that can be attributed to the lowest calorie is espresso. The calorie content is negligible.

Espresso calories: one kilocalorie per 30 milliliters.


Although a milk-based latte is higher in calories than black coffee, its calorie content can be balanced by the amount and fat content of the milk. Latte can be safely consumed during snacks. The energy value is as follows.

Skimmed milk latte: 67 calories

Full fat milk latte: 114 calories.

Soy Milk Latte: 75 calories

cold brew

Icy cold brew is great for cooling during the summer months. This type of coffee is a low-calorie and diet drink that can be consumed with peace of mind without milk and sugar.

The energy value of cold brew is as follows.

Short cold brew: one kilocalorie.

Tall cold brew: three kilocalories.

Grande cold brew: five kilocalories.

coffee properties

– Contains a lot of antioxidants.

– Strengthens the immune system with antioxidant properties.

– Drives away sleep, relieves fatigue.

– Rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus.

However, coffee is harmful during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In diseases of the liver and kidneys, coffee should also be avoided, as it contains potassium.

Coffee, while healthy, can cause problems for people with certain medical conditions and those taking certain medications.

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