What to do if tomatoes crack

What to do so that the tomatoes do not burst and how to avoid such a situation – find out in the UNIAN material.

Why do red tomatoes crack and what to do about it /

The red tomato is a finicky vegetable that requires knowledge of the intricacies of gardening to grow. Anything can happen to this crop: leaf curl, ovary drop, or fruit spots. UNIAN will tell you why tomatoes crack and rot, and how to deal with this problem.

Earlier we talked about how to feed tomatoes for a rich harvest.

Why tomatoes crack in open ground – reasons

Experienced gardeners and gardeners say that every person who grows tomatoes can face an unpleasant picture and see a split in the fruit. There are several reasons for this.

Wrong watering

With dry soil and a lack of moisture, tomatoes begin to absorb it too actively, the skin does not have time to stretch and crack.

Unsuccessful microclimate

The ideal temperature for growing tomatoes is 22-25°C. If it is too hot outside or in the greenhouse, then the growth of the culture stops, and the skin becomes rough. As soon as the vegetable begins to grow again, it bursts.

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Inappropriate feeding

Tomatoes, like any other vegetables, need the right fertilizers, otherwise they will not bring benefits, but harm. In order for your plants to live up to expectations, remember the important rules:

  • during the growth period, feed the tomatoes 2 times a month;
  • combine fertilization with irrigation;
  • at the stage of fruit development, tomatoes need potassium most of all, and phosphorus and nitrogen are no longer needed;
  • do not use concentrated substances – only diluted ones.

The main point – pay attention to the condition of the plants – they themselves will tell you what substances they lack. For example, if the leaves of tomatoes turn yellow or spots form on them, then the culture lacks trace elements.

Active pinching

UNIAN has already told about how to pinch tomatoes, but let’s focus again. Many summer residents at the stage of fruit ripening are trying to give the plant more space for development, so they cut off more leaves and shoots. In fact, the result will be negative – the amount of substances that the tomatoes could give to the leaves, they begin to give to the fruits. Because of this, they can not withstand the load and burst.

How to stop tomatoes from cracking and why it’s dangerous

Bursting fruits are a favorable environment for the development of infections. Bacteria get into the cracks and begin to actively multiply there, provoke rotting and mold. A cracked tomato is initially more vulnerable to disease, unattractive in appearance and completely unsuitable for canning.

To avoid cracking tomatoesadopt a few rules:

  • water the tomatoes regularly: in hot weather – every 2-3 days, in cloudy weather – every 5-7 days;
  • add mulch to keep the soil from drying out;
  • ventilate the greenhouse or set up drip irrigation in the garden to ensure the right level of moisture and air circulation.

Another way to protect your tomato crop is to immediately choose varieties that are resistant to deformation and those that are not prone to cracking.

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