What is known about the wealth of Patriarch Kirill

In 2020, the Proekt publication found property worth 225 million rubles from the family of Patriarch Kirill.

Patriarch Kirill turns out to be a millionaire / photo from UNIAN

The Russian Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) has apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, dozens of residences, an elite fleet of vehicles and yachts. He is resting in a palace near Gelendzhik.

Millions of dollars lie on the patriarch’s accounts, but all Russians pay for the “ascetic way of life” – both believers and atheists. This is stated in the plot of the FreeDom project.

How did Cyril earn such money. We look for the origins of wealth in the 1990s, when he worked in the department of external church relations. He then invested in everything. But the “gold mine” was tobacco, which was imported as a tax-free humanitarian aid and sold at twice the price. Then Cyril received the nickname “tobacco king”.

Kirill was elected patriarch in 2009. There are many expensive cars in his garage, and dozens of people are working on the vestments for the patriarch. A watch worth $30,000 was once noticed on his arm. In the official photo, they even tried to erase this detail in Photoshop, but they forgot about the reflection of the clock on the table.

He has a five-room apartment in Moscow overlooking the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. According to rumors, he has two sons. The elder is a businessman, the younger is a clergyman. In 2020, the Proekt publication found property worth 225 million rubles from the family of Patriarch Kirill. He has three apartments, and there are more than 20 residences that the state and the church provide him. But the most scandalous residence is near Gelendzhik, next to Putin’s palace. Its construction cost 22 billion rubles, it is located on the territory of the reserve.

In 2015, Kirill was filmed during his summer vacation on the $600,000 Azimuth yacht.

Earlier, the UK government introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation. In particular, restrictions will affect the head of the Russian Orthodox Churchand Patriarch Kirill.

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