What is known about the gray eminence of the Kremlin Oreshkin

Journalists say that it is he who is the author of the idea that Russia should be paid for gas in rubles.

Maxim Oreshkin - the gray eminence of the Kremlin / Screenshot

Another rescuer of the economy has appeared in Russia. Maxim Oreshkin is Putin’s assistant in the field of the country’s economy, for some time he even served as acting minister of finance.

Journalists of the FreeDom project told who Oreshkin really is and whether he, together with Putin, is really trying to improve the well-being of Russian citizens.

Bloomberg published material about 40-year-old presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin. The authors emphasize that he is the author of the idea of ​​paying for gas in rubles. Since the February 24 invasion, he has become a key member of Putin’s inner circle on economic policy.

For some time he even served as the Minister of Finance. Oreshkin is beneficial to Vladimir Putin for his loyalty and ability to understand finances. This same Oreshkin accompanied the Kremlin dictator during a recent trip to Tehran, which caused a stir. By the way, when asked about Iranian ideas for overcoming sanctions, Oreshkin confidently noted: “Ours are much better.”

“Now Oreshkin is Putin’s new favorite, because so far he is quite loyal and knows how to pretend that he is coping with the country’s problems,” the journalists summed up.

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