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Johnny Depp changed his image.

Hollywood actor and musician Johnny Depp after the end of the court with his ex-wife Amber Heard and the victory over her decided to change his image.

And if earlier he wore a beard and mustache, now he decided to shave them off. In this image, he appeared at the Helsinki Blues Festival. He performed several of his songs and other famous hits.

Despite the remarkable style of clothing – boho, fans did not immediately recognize Johnny Depp. And all because of the smooth face with which no one has seen him for a long time.

Many netizens noted that the beard and mustache suited Depp more. And now he, in their opinion, looks like an ordinary middle-aged man.

Recall how changed image of Johnny Depp during his career.

In addition, Amber Heard is also not particularly sad after the end of the courts. Recently her caught while shopping in the store. However, as soon as she realized that the paparazzi were filming her, she immediately dropped her things and ran away.

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