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Kyiv is in particular danger, Dmitry Uranus said.

The astrologer warned about Russian attacks on Kyiv / photo

Ukrainians have been warned of a serious threat of new Russian strikes on Kyiv until June 29. In particular, we are talking about the center of the capital and the government quarter.

The corresponding forecast was published by astrologer Dmitry Uranus in social networks.

“In general, the full moon map indicates 2 weeks of the second half of June, as a time of special fury and activity of the enemies of Kyiv. Mars, as the deity of war, being in Aries is very strong, and falling exactly at the beginning of the 7th sector of the enemies of the full moon map, it increases the aggression of the enemies of Kyiv. The line of Mars, passing exactly along the government quarter, will pose a threat to the government of Ukraine. Most likely, the enemy plans to strike at Kyiv, the city center and the government quarter. I recommend that the government split up and temporarily leave Kyiv, stay in inconspicuous places,” he wrote.

In addition, in his forecast, Uranus indicated several more cities that will be under a special threat until the end of June.

“The map shows that the line of Mars passes through Belarus and towards Kyiv, all the way to Izmail, hitting such large cities as Chernigov, Bila Tserkva, Uman. The sea zone near the mouth of the Danube is also affected, and there is Zmeiny Island not far away, which “exacerbates the situation around this island. I think there will be high-profile events. The second line of Mars, less dangerous, damaging the 10th and 4th sectors of the map, it is highlighted in purple, passes through such cities – Lyubeshov, Lutsk, Mlyniv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi,” said astrologer.

Formerly astrologer Vlad Ross called the ideal date for the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian troops in all directions.

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