What church holiday June 24, 2022

What can be done on June 24, and what actions it is better for believers to refrain from – read in the UNIAN material.

Church holiday June 24 /

The Apostle Barnabas was from among the 70, brought up together with the Apostle Paul in Jerusalem. He often visited temples, fasted, prayed and led a pious lifestyle. He was a contemporary of Jesus Christ, saw his miracles with his own eyes, so he believed in the Lord without a doubt, after which the Savior chose him among the 70 apostles.

Saint Barnabas brought the Apostle Paul to Jerusalem, began preaching with him, and was present at the Apostolic Council in Jerusalem. In the 76th year of his life he was brutally murdered by the Jews.

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In honor of the memory of the apostle today is celebrated national holiday on June 24 – Day of Barnabas and Bartholomew.

Orthodox holiday June 24, 2022 – Memorial Day of the Apostle Bartholomew

Saint Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles, whom he became after communion with Jesus Christ, who glorified him for his deeds. After this meeting, Bartholomew believed in Christ and began to be faithful to the true faith. It is known that together with Saint Philip Bartholomew preached in Eastern countries.

After the death of Philip, Saint Bartholomew himself preached in India and Armenia. There he translated the Gospel of Matthew into languages ​​understandable to the people and showed many miracles, for example, he healed diseases. The end of Bartholomew’s life was sad – in one of the cities in a foreign land he was seized by pagans and executed.

Signs June 24

Folk signs today / Photo
  • clouds closed the sun at dawn – it will get colder in the evening;
  • in the morning the bees sit in the hives – to the precipitation;
  • warm night from June 24 to 25 – there will be a good harvest of fruits;
  • geese fly in a flock against the wind – it will soon get colder.

What not to do today

This day has long been considered dangerous – our ancestors believed that evil spirits are especially active today. They should be afraid of it at noon, therefore it is strictly forbidden to quarrel, gossip and indulge in despondency, otherwise evil spirits will steal your soul. It is also not recommended to start new business – they are doomed to failure in advance. Refrain from sharing your plans with anyone – none of your plans will come true.

What can you do on June 24

On this date, Orthodox believers can pray to Saints Bartholomew and Barnabas for well-being in the family and protection from enemies. According to folk signs, in order to bring good luck to the house, you can gather at the table the closest friends and relatives. General cleaning on this day will help clear the house of negativity, and the protracted conflict will be resolved if you take a step towards reconciliation on June 24.

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