What church holiday June 23, 2022

What Orthodox holiday believers celebrate on June 23, as well as what traditions should be honored today – find out in the UNIAN material.

Church holiday June 23 /

It is known that Hieromartyr Timothy was a bishop of the city of Prussia and lived during the reign of Tsar Julian. For good deeds and fidelity to God, he received the gift of clairvoyance and miracles. Even before Timothy received the rank of bishop, he fought desperately against heresy and converted many pagans to Christ. After gaining a responsible position, he wisely managed his flock.

The emperor, seeing the successes of the saint, imprisoned him, where he tortured him for a long time and forced him to renounce his faith. Having been refused, he ordered to cut off Timothy’s head.

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In honor of the memory of the holy martyr today is celebrated national holiday on June 23 – Timothy day.

Orthodox holiday June 23, 2022 – the day of memory of the martyrs Alexander and Antonina

Martyr Antonina lived around the year 313 during the reign of Emperor Antoninus. She was persuaded to renounce Christ, offering the girl a tempting position as a pagan priestess. The Christian refused, for which she was imprisoned, where she was often beaten and insulted. Antonina steadfastly withstood all the hardships, constantly prayed and herself refused to eat.

One day, the pagans decided to disgrace an innocent maiden, but a certain young warrior Alexander saved the girl from this. He came to the ruler and promised to persuade Antonina to renounce the Lord. He was allowed into her dungeon, and he changed clothes with her – the guards did not notice anything and Antonina was free. They searched for her for a long time, tortured Alexander in order to find out where the girl had gone, however, Antonina returned herself. Then both of them were tortured for a long time, and then executed.

Signs June 23

Folk omens today / photo
  • clear day, but no ants visible – expect the weather to deteriorate;
  • chickens actively wag their tails – precipitation will fall;
  • drought on Timothy – to sad news and trouble;
  • spiders are not visible – the weather will change.

What not to do today

On this date, according to Orthodox canons, it is forbidden to be greedy – you yourself will need. It is also not recommended to be sad, slander and gossip, otherwise you will “attract” trouble into your life. Popular beliefs say that on June 23 you do not need to look into other people’s windows and leave yours open – you will attract the failures of another person.

What can you do on June 23

This day has long been considered magical – it is often today that people receive signs from above or signs. That is why it is important to pay attention to everything that is happening around you. Try to spend June 23 in a good mood and not succumb to provocations – bring good and light to this world. In order to bring prosperity to the house, invite friends or relatives to visit.

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