What church holiday June 22, 2022

Find out what can be done on June 22, and what actions Orthodox believers should not do in any case – find out in the UNIAN material.

Church holiday June 22 /

Saint Cyril of Alexandria lived in the 4th-5th centuries, received a good education and soon abandoned everything worldly, choosing for himself an ascetic way of life. He spent six years in the desert, and after that he became a clergyman with Saint Theophilus.

For a long time he read sermons, became a deacon, and later a bishop. He actively fought against heresy with Jews and pagans, drove them out of cities, destroyed temples and glorified the Christian faith. Considered one of the most significant saints in the Orthodox Church.

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In honor of the memory of the Bishop of Alexandria, today is celebrated national holiday on June 22 – Kirill’s day.

Orthodox holiday June 22, 2022 – Memorial Day of St. Alexander

It is known that the Monk Alexander from his youthful years was an admirer of Christianity. He constantly fasted, prayed, performed obediences, struggled with the flesh and passions. Soon the fame of him spread in different lands, such a fate weighed on him, so he began to seek solitude.

For a long time he walked through the deserts until he found a good place near the Kushta River. Fans of the ascetic life began to come to him there, and together with them he built a temple and a holy monastery, becoming a bishop there. Even during his lifetime, Saint Alexander was awarded the gift of clairvoyance and miracle-working.

Signs June 22

Folk omens today / photo
  • rye is blooming – it’s time to mow and dry hay;
  • crows often croak – it will rain soon;
  • ants fuss around the anthill – the weather will be hot;
  • strawberries are ripe – it’s too late to plant oats.

What not to do today

In the old days, it was believed that on Cyril’s Day, any work with plants would be unsuccessful. For this reason, today nothing can be done in the garden and in the beds. Popular beliefs say that on this day you can’t share your plans with anyone – they won’t come true. It is also forbidden to swear, gossip and envy.

What can you do on June 22

Cyril Solstice – a holiday in which you can make all your dreams come true. Still going on today Summer Solstice, so you can safely make wishes and receive the energy of the sun. Even the Slavs have long performed rituals, “causing” the Sun for the sake of a good harvest. Orthodox believers on this day can go to church and light a candle for the well-being and health of their loved ones.

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