What church holiday June 21, 2022

Find out what Orthodox holiday believers celebrate today and what absolutely cannot be done on this day – find out in the UNIAN material.

Church holiday June 21 /

The Great Martyr Theodore lived in Asia Minor, for his wisdom and courage he was made a stratilate (voivode) in the city. The townspeople loved and respected him, many even adopted the Christian faith according to the sermons of the saint. One day, King Licinius found out about this and called Theodore to him. There the ruler forced the saint to sacrifice to idols and renounce Christ.

Theodore asked for a delay, and he himself broke the idols. Silver and gold, from which they were made, he distributed to the poor. For this, he was tortured and tortured for a long time, and in the end he was crucified. The next morning after the execution, a miracle happened – the tormentors saw the completely unharmed Theodore at the place of torture. Then many centurions and soldiers believed in Christ, and the saint himself gave himself into the hands of the executioners.

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In honor of the memory of Theodore Stratilates, a national holiday is celebrated today on June 21 – Fyodor Kolodeznik.

Orthodox holiday June 21 – the day of memory of St. Zosima

It is known that the Monk Zosima lived in the 6th century and devoted himself entirely to ascetic deeds. He prayed a lot, fasted and renounced everything worldly for the sake of gaining the gift of clairvoyance and miracles.

According to legend, once during a trip Zosima was walking with a donkey, which was eaten by a lion. Then the monk turned to the lion and said that it was hard for him to carry all his things, and since the predator had eaten the donkey, then let him now carry the things himself. From that moment on, the lion became tame.

Signs June 21

Folk omens today / photo from UNIAN
  • a lot of dew in the morning – there will be a good harvest of hemp and flax;
  • clouds are gathering – the weather will deteriorate for several days;
  • thunder rumbles before dawn – expect rain;
  • the birds stopped singing – you need to prepare for a thunderstorm and showers.

What not to do today

According to folk signs, today you can’t clean the house – you can sweep away good forces. It is also undesirable to cut nails and hair, otherwise the immune system will weaken. Considering that June 21 is celebrated Summer Solsticein no case should you stand with your back to the sun – you will incur trouble.

What can you do on June 21

The name of the holiday “Fyodor Kolodeznik” appeared for a reason – this date was considered special by the well masters. In the old days, they put pans on those places on the ground where they could dig a well, and in the morning they watched how the pan was fogged up, and decided whether the chosen area was suitable or not.

Well water has long been considered healing, like a saint, they cooked on it, washed it in it, and washed themselves with it. It is believed that water taken from seven different wells can cure a person of diseases.

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