What church holiday is August 1, 2022

Find out what Orthodox holiday believers celebrate on August 1 and why this day is considered special – find out in the UNIAN material.

According to legend, once St. Emilia saw an Angel in a dream, who said that her daughter would be called Thekla – after the birth of the child, the woman fulfilled God’s will. Other relatives called the girl Macrina, in honor of her grandmother, who suffered during the persecution of Christians under Emperor Maximian Galeria.

Makrina knew the Word of God from childhood, read books and helped her mother with household chores. When all the children grew up, Macrina persuaded her mother to leave everything worldly and retire to a monastery. Having taken monastic vows, they lived together, as one family, prayed together, worked together, had everything in common, not differing in any way from each other in their way of life.

After the death of her mother, Makrina began to lead in the monastery and received the gift of miracles – she healed the sick.

In honor of the memory of the saint today is celebrated national holiday on August 1 – “Makrinin’s day” or “Mokrins”.

What is the church holiday today – the day of finding the relics of Seraphim of Sarov

Chosen by God from childhood, the Sarov ascetic without hesitation or doubt ascends from strength to strength in his striving for spiritual perfection. Eight years of novice labors and eight years of church service in the rank of hierodeacon and hieromonk, hermitage and pilgrimage, seclusion and silence succeed each other and are crowned with elderhood. Feats that far exceed natural human capabilities (for example, praying on a stone for a thousand days and nights) harmoniously and simply enter the life of a saint.

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Seraphim left various instructions and had a wonderful gift of insight. He helped the suffering and believed that prayer is the main way to salvation.

Saint Seraphim can rightfully be called a disciple of the Mother of God. The Most Holy Theotokos healed him of fatal illnesses three times, appeared to him many times, instructed and strengthened him. Even at the beginning of his journey, he heard how the Mother of God, pointing to him, lying on the bed of illness, said to the Apostle John the Theologian: “This is from our kind.”

Signs August 1

Signs of August 1 / Photo

Signs of August 1 / Photo

  • wet weather – to a good harvest;
  • warm sunny day – to the long “Indian summer”, dry September and October;
  • heat on Mocrida – to a six-week drought.

Dreams on the night of August 1 are considered prophetic.

What can you do on August 1

On this day, our ancestors performed various rituals to attract money. Also, the men went fishing even after dark, but only the most persistent returned with a catch. It is said that on this day the fish are quiet and only the luckiest fish are hooked.

What not to do today

Our ancestors believed that it was impossible to remain unkempt on August 1 – on this day everything needs to be “new”. Giving or borrowing anything, raising objects or money from the ground is not recommended – you will attract failure or poverty. The Orthodox Church forbids quarreling and being offended, otherwise the conflict will drag on for a long time.

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