What church holiday August 3, 2022

Find out what you can do on August 3, and what actions to refrain from so as not to anger the saints – find out in the UNIAN material.

Church holiday on August 3 / REUTERS

Church holiday on August 3 / REUTERS

On this day, honoring of the Monk Onufry of the Caves, a saint who lived in Kyiv in the 12th century, is held among believers. He was a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, lived in the Near Caves. To this day, there are his imperishable relics.

Unfortunately, there are no details about his life. It is only known that he kept a silent shutter, like many monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. In Russia, from time immemorial, his memory was revered in silence. It was believed that all work on August 3 should be done in silence, otherwise you can invite trouble. Earlier we talked about how national holiday 3 august in Ukraine.

What holiday is August 3 according to the Orthodox calendar – the day of memory of the prophet Ezekiel

Refers to the number of “great prophets”, was born around 622 BC in Judea. He was a priest and with the first caravan of prisoners in 527 BC was sent to Babylon. Lived in Tel Aviv. After he was given visions from the Lord, Ezekiel became a prophet in 592 BC.

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His house, like the houses of many exiled captive priests, became a haven for believing Jews. It was from such houses that synagogues subsequently arose. Ezekiel read sermons to people, and later became the author of the Old Testament book.

According to legend, he was killed by one of the rulers for accusations of dishonor.

Church holiday today – the day of memory of St. Simeon the Fool-for-Christ and his companion – John

The saints lived in the 6th century in Syria. After traveling to the Jordan to the holy places, they decided not to return home and stay in the monastery. Took tonsure at the monastery of St. Gerasim, and then went to the Dead Sea. They performed many feats, fighting temptations. So Simeon and John lived for 29 years. After this time, Simeon left for the city of Emesa and began to play the fool, saving other people.

His path was to enlighten the public and call for sanity in word and deed. For suffering in the name of the Lord, Christ rewarded the saint with the gift of predictions, then Simeon saw an earthquake that would destroy Antioch. In 590 he died, and soon died in the desert and John.

Signs August 3

Signs of August 3 / photo UNIAN

Signs of August 3 / photo UNIAN

  • the night is cold – winter will be frosty and come early;
  • showers on August 3 – autumn will be damp;
  • warm and dry weather today promises a good harvest of mushrooms;
  • fog – in autumn it will be warm and sunny.

What not to do today

According to popular beliefs, today you can’t lie, and if you can’t tell the truth, you need to avoid answering. The church forbids believers to pick up sharp objects, including knives and forks – you can incur conflicts and troubles. It is also not recommended to refuse hospitality and refuse advantageous offers.

What can you do on August 3

On this day, our ancestors prepared barns for grain: they changed the boards, re-layed the floor, and ventilated. All work was done in silence. Also at dawn, they went to the source and collected “silent water”, which had healing properties. Working in the garden, they picked apples, cooked kvass, compotes from them, and made wine.

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