What church holiday August 2, 2022

Find out what you can do on August 2, and what actions it is better to refrain from – find out in the UNIAN material.

Tradition says that from childhood, the boy Elijah kept a strict fast and spent days and nights in prayer. Called to the prophetic ministry under the Israeli king Ahab, the prophet became an ardent zealot of the true faith and piety. At that time, people worshiped pagan gods. Eli could not put up with this, began to accuse the rulers of dishonor and urge the people to believe in Christ the Savior.

The Emperor disobeyed. Then the prophet Elijah announced to him that, as a punishment for three years, there would be neither rain nor dew on the earth, and the drought would stop only through his prayer. And indeed, through the prayer of the prophet, the sky closed, drought and famine set in all over the earth. During this time, the prophet performed many miracles – he gave food and water to believers and resurrected the dead. After three years, Elijah suggested that they choose two people of different faiths and see whose Lord is true. Orthodoxy won, and the wife of the emperor ordered to kill the prophet.

Then the Lord blessed him for a life in a hermitage, and then, thanking him for saving thousands of lives of his Children, took him alive – in a fiery chariot. The prophet Elisha witnessed the ascent of the prophet Elijah to heaven in a fiery chariot and received, together with his fallen mercy (cloak), the gift of the prophetic spirit twice as much as the prophet Elijah had.

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In honor of the memory of the saint, a national holiday is celebrated today on August 2 – Elijah’s Day 2022.

Orthodox holiday August 2 – finding the relics of Athanasius of Brest

After the death of the righteous man, his body lay on the ground for 8 months without a funeral service. The brethren were told where it was. The saints took the flesh of Athanasius and buried it in their monastery.

The relics of the martyr, placed in a copper shrine, became famous for their many miracles. The complete affirmation of Orthodoxy and the final, complete destruction of the union – this is what Saint Athanasius saw as his only goal, for the fulfillment of which he gave his holy life.

Signs August 2

Folk omens today / photo Kanenori, Pixabay
  • long and not sharp thunder – to bad weather, and jerky and short – to clear weather;
  • rain on August 2 heralds a bountiful harvest of millet;
  • our ancestors on this day lit a candle in front of the icon of the Mother of God and asked to be protected from fire;
  • on the night of Elijah it often rains;
  • it is believed that August 2 is the day of farewell to summer, as “Ilya puts on one of his seven casings” and the first signs of autumn appear;
  • cloudy in the morning – sowing of winter crops should be early, and the harvest should be plentiful.

What not to do today

Even unbelievers know that after “Ilya” you can not swim in open water. Any work is also prohibited. You can not use foul language and swear, stand at crossroads and drive pets out of your home.

What can you do on August 2

Our ancestors on this day arranged magnificent feasts in honor of respect for the holy prophet. They spent time not only with their families, but also with friends and neighbors, and after that they danced, played, and had fun.

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