What are the salaries in Ukraine: salaries have ceased to decline

The average salary in June in all open vacancies on the personnel portal is more than 20 thousand hryvnias, the researchers noted.

In Ukraine, wages have stopped decreasing, researchers shared / photo from UNIAN

In June, the decline in wages on the Ukrainian labor market stopped.

This was reported in a study of the expert-analytical center of the personnel portal, transmitted by UNIAN.

“In April, the expert-analytical center of the personnel portal recorded a 10% drop in average wages compared to the pre-war period. In May, wages continued to decline to a critically low level in most professional areas. June showed a conditional stabilization of wages. In most professional areas salaries have stopped decreasing, but there is no significant growth either,” the statement said.

It is noted that the average salary in June in all open vacancies on the personnel portal is UAH 20.1 thousand.

The highest salaries, as always, are offered to IT specialists, managers and in the consulting sector. However, compared to the previous month, in June, vacancies in these professional fields offer lower salaries. IT-shnikam offer an average of 70.9 thousand UAH, managers – 45.3 thousand UAH.

In the field of consulting, the average salary has almost halved compared to May, and amounted to UAH 33,000.

At the same time, job offers with high salaries appeared in June in such professional areas as construction and real estate, personnel management, and extraction of raw materials.

“The real estate market in large cities began to revive, employers in this area began to publish vacancies for managers in the rental and sale of real estate. Due to the salaries that they are offered, the average salary in the construction and real estate sector has slightly increased, which allowed this professional field to get into the top 5 areas with the highest salaries,” analysts said.

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With the beginning of the summer, employers have slightly reduced the salaries offered to candidates for vacancies in the field of marketing, advertising and PR. Despite the fact that these specialists are among the most sought after, and the average salary in vacancies for them has not decreased since the beginning of the war, in June they are offered a much lower monthly compensation. The average salary in the field of marketing, advertising and PR in open vacancies is UAH 19.4 thousand.

The average salary for open vacancies for working personnel also decreased (from UAH 14.4 thousand in May to UAH 13.7 thousand in June), security guards (from UAH 17.1 thousand in May to UAH 10.9 thousand in June ) and for students and professionals who are just starting their careers (from UAH 12.6 thousand in May to UAH 8.6 thousand).

Previously it was reported that the demand for working specialties is becoming more and more tangible in the Ukrainian labor market – In June, the number of vacancies in this area increased by 20% compared to the previous month.

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