What are the prices in Russian stores today

Now the ruble has strengthened its position against the dollar, but goods in the Russian Federation have not become cheaper. Moreover, goods have risen in price when compared with the price tags before the full-scale war.

Despite the alleged growth of the ruble, prices for goods in the Russian Federation sky-high / photo REUTERS

Problems in the life of Russians are just beginning. In comparison with pre-war prices, goods in the Russian Federation generally became more expensive.

This is stated in the plot of FreeDom journalists. So, yogurts in Russian supermarkets in the pre-war period could be bought for 36 rubles, now – 59; apples cost 100-120 rubles, now you can’t buy cheaper than 120.

Washing machines, which the Russian military stole in Ukraine, will now cost 26,000, previously they were 12,000 each. The old price of a kitchen table was 2,499 rubles, now it is 3,300 rubles.

According to experts, foreign companies do not want to pay in the Russian Federation because of the threat of sanctions and because of problems with making payments. Companies leave Russia voluntarily, because otherwise they will be boycotted by many countries.

A separate topic is unemployment in the Russian Federation. From July last year to March 2022, the number of unemployed reaches 3 million 250 thousand people, according to Rosstat. Nothing has allegedly changed since the war, although in fact, hidden unemployment is growing catastrophically.

According to experts, real changes in the labor market of the Russian Federation will begin in the fall, and by the end of 2022 they will reach a scale that the Kremlin cannot ignore.

Economist Sergei Guriev says that salaries even in the public sector will be, to put it mildly, low. He predicts that in the coming years in the Russian Federation there will be problems with business, with education, with the knowledge-based service sector.

Earlier, experts noted that the demand of Russians for non-food products decreased by 17%, this is a vivid example of the fact that people began to save on everything except food. And by the end of August, economists predict another crisis in the labor market.

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