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The beginning of August in Ukraine will be with rains and temperature fluctuations.

It will be rainy in Ukraine in early August / photo

Weather in early August in Ukraine will be unstable. Large fluctuations in temperature and rain are expected.

This was told by the weather forecaster Igor Kibalchich, reports meteoprog.

“In the first ten days of August, atmospheric processes over Ukraine will be dynamically active and diverse. The reason for this will be the formation of a sedentary cyclone over the Left-Bank Ukraine and the Sea of ​​Azov,” the forecaster explained.

According to him, from Monday the atmospheric pressure will begin to noticeably decrease, the amount of cloudiness will increase and precipitation will begin in some places. But the rains are distributed unevenly across the territory.

“The most intense precipitation is predicted in the Azov region, the central regions and the Donbass. These regions will be influenced by the front of occlusion and southeastern air currents, which will bring moisture from the Caucasus and the Sea of ​​​​Azov. Therefore, more than two monthly precipitation norms may fall in some places during the week “, the specialist warned.

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According to his forecast, the air temperature in the first week of August will be close to normal, but in the second half of the week and closer to the weekend it will noticeably increase, mainly in the western and southern regions. However, in regions where cyclonic activity and rains continue, the temperature background is expected to be more comfortable.

Recall weather in summer 2022 year can bring many surprises to Ukrainians. We are waiting for both the traditional summer heat and drought, as well as strong thunderstorms and gusts of heavy wind. About what will be the summer of 2022 in Ukraine, the people’s weather forecaster told in his book Leonid Gorban.

Overall, climatologists expect this summer to be less dry than usual. There will be more rain than average, which is good for nature.

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