Weapons for Ukraine – Danilov announced progress in agreements with partners

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said that before Ukraine only could dream of a certain weapon, and today the defenders are waiting for him. During the interview channel 24 he said that work is now underway to ensure that this military assistance arrives to us as quickly as possible.

“We are now agreeing that it will come as soon as possible. Speed ​​is a very important issue. Well, and quality … We only dreamed of such names in March. I remember very well how the president gathered every morning and every evening, every day ( meetings – ed.) … Everyone sat and puzzled over where to get what, what help to get, “Danilov said.

Now Ukraine is receiving weapons that have completely different names, characteristics and capabilities than the one we counted on at the beginning of the war.

NSDC Secretary I also paid tribute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which learn very quickly and very successfully use weapons from partners. According to him, the West is pleasantly surprised, and it is thanks to this that Ukraine receives such weapons.

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Recall that on August 1, the United States agreed new military aid package for Ukraine for 550 million dollars. Among other things, it also includes ammunition for artillery and MLRS HIMARS.

Why did the aggressor fail the first stage of the invasion and fail to succeed in the second? What tasks should our army solve at the third stage in order to force the Russians out of Ukraine? What are the consequences of a truce to which Putin will persuade Ukraine? The answers to these questions and the forecast for the coming months can be found in the article by Major General Sergei Savchenko“Are you waiting for powerful fire training and a counteroffensive? This will not happen. Everything has already begun”.

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